Antics 13Nov18

Fun including one of my roleplay sluts yesterday, with me as HR officer. My employee sent to me for disciplinary action regarding some misconduct on the job. Groping female staff members to be precise.

The session commenced with the miscreant standing before me, being interrogated as to his behaviour. Being forced to explain his actions and why he was sent to me. Deciding to teaching him a lesson I humilated him. He was made to him strip naked in my office, I couldnt help but laugh at his soft cock. To teach him some obedience and respect for women I adorned him with a collar, leash and gag.

He was dragged into the bathroom before I pissed all over him, threatening him with allowing the other female staff to do the same. Returning to my office and forced him to his knees I made him suck and gag on my much more worthy cock.

Repositioned on all fours before i forcefully fucked his tight arse, he begged me to stop. So I did, he was sent on his way with no relief. I look forward to his next indiscretion, which I am sure there will be going by his employment file. He might well get the chastity device next time.

Also had a new slut to torment who proved to be quite the lightweight when it came to play. I could barely touch his pathetically small cock without him whining and getting over excited. His arse so tight I could barely get my smallest electro plug in. Instead i delivered some sound discipline for failing to please me.

After which he was tormented with some light sensation play using my vampire gloves and the wartenburg wheen, me laughing as he wriggled around under the restraints holding him in place. I finished him off on the sybian with the smallest attachment i have, until he begged to cum and exploded emptying his balls.

Today was spent tormenting a boot fetishist, making him lick and worship my thighhighs. When i was satisfied I restrained him to the bench, electro plug in place set to microphone. Picking up the rhythm of the music i laughed at his discomfort. Straddling his face I smothered out his cries and his breath while taunting him with the proximity of my boots which he couldnt reach. His cock was teased relentlessly, until he was given permission to cum.

Finished off with a fun discipline session primarily flogging all over, front and back with various whips until slut was red with the impact. Moved him to the sling and fucked his arse with a large cock milking him in the process. Oh dear, no orgasm for him …. my bad 😉 Slut was sent on his way looking slightly sunburned haha.

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