Couple Fun

I had the pleasure of a fun session with a couple I had not seen before. The gentleman arranged the session, only advising his lady friend that they were at my previous establishment for a dungeon hire. What she was unaware of was that I would be joining them.

On arrival the couple were separated so I could have a quick chat to the gentleman about his requirements. Both parties switch and their visit that day was the result of a bet, leaving him in control of their play. He had however decided to turn the tables somewhat.

The couple were escorted to the dungeon, after showering they commenced play with the gentleman tying his lady friend’s hands to the winch. He partially disrobed her, leaving her flesh exposed. Ringing down to reception, he requested two drinks to be brought to them in the room. Of course, they were delivered by me.

On entering the dungeon, I took in the sight before me. The lady in question both startled and amused by my entrance and her dishevelled state. I expressed my appreciation of what I saw, asking the gentleman if I could touch. Of course I was given permission. He informed me they were at Kittys because he had been the winner of a game they had played. I suggested I join them, that perhaps he and I could play a game as I would want to be in control.

I suggested that I hide two dildos behind my back. One small, one larger. The gentleman had to guess which was the larger. If he was wrong, I would be in control and he would have to ‘take’ the larger dildo. If he was right, he would be in control of both his lady friend and myself. Luckily for me, he chose wrong 😉 I didnt even have to cheat. His lady friend was most amused by this turn of events…until she realised I would be in control of her also.
I firstly renamed my playthings as slut 1 (the gentleman) and slut 2 (his lady friend). I unbound s2 and had her strip down to her lingerie. I instructed s1 to remove his towel, I firstly bound his balls tightly before placing a collar around his neck. I secured s2 over the horse and instructed s1 to stand in front of s2. His cock was somewhat uninspired and I decided it needed some attention whilst I attended to s2’s bottom.

Instructing s1 to use his cock to gag s2, I watched as he slowly fucked her mouth ensuring she was taking the full length of him down her throat. Satisfied she was doing a good job I turned my attentions to the delectable bottom presented before me. I warmed her up, gradually increasing the intensity of the spanks before I would stop to caress and stroke her bottom gently. I did this a few times till her bottom was a pretty shade of pink.

Some pegs were then attached to s1’s nipples and some clamps to s2’s nipples. I had them change positions so s2 was standing in front of s1. I placed the chain of the clamps in his mouth and instructed him to not tug on it or drop it as I went to work on his bottom, starting with a spanking building in intensity before using the strap on his already well reddened bottom. He wasn’t very successful in holding the chain – s2 received a few tugs to her tender nipples as he squirmed away from the strap. Chastising s1 I informed him he should make it up to s2.

After having s1 remove s2’s thong panties I moved her to the birthing chair where I cuffed her hands behind her, leaving her legs spread wide and her gentials exposed. I told s1 to kneel before her, he was instructed to first tease s2 kissing and licking up the inside of her thighs. He was under strict instruction to not touch her genitals though. Watching amused as both s1 and s2 got more aroused I told s1 he could now pleasure s2 with his tongue. However, he was not allowed to make her cum. And whilst he was, he was also going to receive the cane on his buttocks.

I laughed amused at the consternation on his face as he attempted to focus on the task before him as twelve well aimed strokes were delivered to his exposed bottom. It was amusing watching him try to curl his bottom away from the cane as muffled groans escaped his full mouth. Deciding his performance wasn’t having the desired effect, I chastised s1 on his performance and told him we would see how he performed with a mouth full of cock instead. An interesting task given s1 hasn’t had much cock sucking experience.

Moving s1 back over the horse, I uncuffed a rather aroused and frustrated s2. I handed her the smaller of the two dildos from our original game and affixed the other to my strap on harness. S1 was instructed to hold the dildo and use it to fuck s1’s mouth while I made good use of the larger dildo in his exposed arse. I was impressed to see s1 take the dildo easily, mind you he wasn’t so adept with his mouth. Obviously in need of further training. I decided to see how easily s2 took my strap on so I had them switch positions, s1 fucking s2’s mouth whilst I thrust my strap on inside her, mixing it with some sensual touching.

I decided it was time to have my playthings both cum. I instructed them to get into position, the aim being to have them both cum together. I had s1 lay on his back whilst s2 straddled his face. He was told he was not allowed release until he had provided it to her. Unfortunately for s1 he was unable to contain himself long enough to allow s2 to cum first. My final instruction, much to s1’s consternation and s2’s delight was that as he had failed his task he was for the rest of the day to be s2’s sex slave and attend to her every whim as she desired.

I suspect s2 was going to put him through his paces once our session was over…


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