It came to my attention recently, having not been online for a while due to too much fun in the playroom that my videos have disappeared. I have no idea why as I haven’t received any email from the site, but I do intend to follow up. I’m a tad confused.

Apologies for links not working at moment, I shall make those posts private until resolved.

One Response to “Videos disappearing from links”

  1. This explains it, need to be verified now…..

    “Saying safety is its top priority, Pornhub announced it has purged all content uploaded by unverified users from its platform and banned nearly all downloads. The moves were part of several made by the adult site to crack down on the use of their platform to enable human trafficking and child sexual abuse.”

    “The content itself will not necessarily be gone from the site for good. Instead, all unverified content will be reviewed. The new verification process will begin next year”

    Just have to apply for verification. Now I wait….

    “Verification Image Uploader Image uploaded successfully. You will be notified via email once the image has been accepted or rejected.”

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