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14 Responses to “Reviews”

  1. I had the pleasure of having a session with Mistress 2 days ago and I am still buzzing from it, the session was nothing like I thought it would be but it was by far the most I have ever enjoyed myself. The session was a mix of things I have done before and some new kinks I got to try out aswell, I started out with some boot worship and being used as a human ashtray and then Mistress placed a mask over my face and I got 2 experience pegs on nipples and breath play for the first time, the entire session was amazing and I am very looking forward to seeing Mistress again.

  2. I had the pleasure of having a session with Mistress. I will be coming back for more…

    She has a well equipped play space and knows how to use it. Easy to talk to and knowledgeable in kink. The session was great. Got to try some new things and Mistress Imogen was intuitive and willing to tailor to my ideas and push a few boundaries in a fun way.

    Did I mention she’s sexy af with an amazing ass and figure. Dressed in leather attire I was happy to see she’s even hotter in person than in her pictures. Do yourself a favour and book a session. You won’t be disappointed.

    Thank you Mistress Imogen. Yum.

  3. Visited Mistress Imogen today for the first time. I’ve wanted to go for years but have not had the balls until today. She was incredible. Put me at ease upon meeting, asked really good questions on what I wanted or desired.

    She has a hot body and the best rack ever. She restrianed me, tied my balls up, added weights and processed to punish my arse beautifully. I had precum oozing continuously.

    She then moved me to the sling and fucked my arse with her strap on and used a vibrator on my arse and cock. Wow. Best orgasm ever. Had to beg for mercy to stop. 2 hours later my arse and cock still feel amazing. Still throbbing.

    My advice is don’t wait as long as I have. Go and experience Mistress Imogen for yourself. I promise you won’t regret it. I certainly don’t and my body feels awesome.

  4. I had the pleasure of meeting mistress Imogen recently and being my first time with a mistress I was extremely nervous, she put me at ease as soon as I met her, she is extremely easy to talk to , we had a brief chat about my session and my experience or lack there of and then it was down to business, I experienced pleasure that I didn’t believe was possible and she took me to places that blew my mind, I actually I had an out of body experience at one stage. And her laugh is intoxicating when she get you to the point when you can’t take any more and your begging ,  I will definitely be seeing her again sooner rather than later and I can’t Waite, she is absolutely amazing..

  5. I recently visited Ms Imogen for the first time. Obviously I was nervous, though I finally and somehow made the step to finally visit a Mistress (Thankfully it was her after seeing her pics and reading her intro and being easily hooked), to fulfil what I’ve thought about doing for over 25 years and been always drawn to.

    The first time was great. After a quick chat, she lead the rest and she quickly confirmed my natural submissive nature was real. I’m sure she went easy on me, but either way she managed to have me doing as she needed and pushed me along sensationally.

    Well she must of done something to me as I just went for a second visit. Better than the first. She had a way of teasing and tormenting, always having me at her control. She took me to task on a few occasions (cane and cut) and I tried to take all she felt I needed or maybe it was what she felt I could take. Well now I know I need to improve with that, I’m sure she will help me there when I am lucky to visit again.

    She continued to tease, torment and amuse herself (and her giggles and laughter clearly shows she’s genuinely enjoying herself lol) until she sent me on my way. Again, after this session I’m thankful for having the courage to visit that first time.

    And She has 100% confirmed that I have wasted 30 years with vanilla activity and partners, if her effect on me is anything to go by. The only dilemma going forward is organising myself better to keep making bookings and sooner than later.
    Thanks again.

  6. Mistress Imogen is, simply stated amazing! I loved her web page which intrigued me but admittedly she is even better in person. Well worth a visit and another visit and visit… she will have you mesmerised.

    She is extremely experienced and has the personality and character that makes you at ease and has you at her feet and under control. With this She clearly knows exactly what you need and what she wants from you.
    She knows where to take you and what you will benefit from whilst with her.

    Everything she does is geared to pushing us males to where we need to go. She understands we are there to serve a purpose and she helps in finding that for us. We all have different ones.

    All in all I will be back and I will be willing to keep learning from her what’s needed.

    It does help that she looks amazing and that she is fit and tiny, but regardless of size she has such domination over you! Perfect.

  7. Over my journey I have met some wonderful and not so wonderful mistresses. I first met Mistress Imogen back when she was based at “The Kastle”. Later Mistress re-located to “Salon Kitty’s” (now closed). When I first met Mistress Imogen, I considered myself to be a seasoned player. Well I was wrong. Mistress Imogen has helped me explore aspects of BDSM that I didn’t know existed and has guided me to places which I would have thought were impossible. She opened my eyes and changed my world forever. For that she will always have my sincere gratitude and utmost admiration.

    Mistress Imogen is very experienced, genuine and caring. I guess that’s why many professional mistresses pop up and then seem to vanish just as quickly. It’s only the best and genuine who survive. I cannot recommend Mistress Imogen highly enough! 5 Stars

  8. I was disappointed on my last trip some time ago that did not use blindfolds and gag in the session

    • Mistress Imogen Reply

      I find this intriguing Peter as you always maintain you dislike either. I do remember confirming such before our last session began, nor do i remember it being mentioned post session debrief. Not mentioned at all till now. So I have to wonder what is driving this comment above. Perhaps next time another Mistress would better serve your needs.

    • i did not mean to have a go at you .i did still like the session so i hope you will

  9. Well what can I say, words wouldn’t do justice. If your reading this you no doubt have had the same sentiments upon meeting Mistress Imogen.
    From as far as I can remember, my natural self was to be of servive in a sense and was drawn to dominant women. After thinking and slowly dipping my feet in many years ago, I realised it was my place. Then by chance I visited Ms Imogen and It changed everything, flipping thoughts completely. She was that person in every way that I thought up as a kid. Making it all make sense.
    So the message to all that she is great and is born to assertively lead you or support you or discipline you or break you in lol etc
    You won’t be disappointed. Only issue is you become hooked Well not really an issue.

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