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5 Responses to “Reviews”

  1. Over my journey I have met some wonderful and not so wonderful mistresses. I first met Mistress Imogen back when she was based at “The Kastle”. Later Mistress re-located to “Salon Kitty’s” (now closed). When I first met Mistress Imogen, I considered myself to be a seasoned player. Well I was wrong. Mistress Imogen has helped me explore aspects of BDSM that I didn’t know existed and has guided me to places which I would have thought were impossible. She opened my eyes and changed my world forever. For that she will always have my sincere gratitude and utmost admiration.

    Mistress Imogen is very experienced, genuine and caring. I guess that’s why many professional mistresses pop up and then seem to vanish just as quickly. It’s only the best and genuine who survive. I cannot recommend Mistress Imogen highly enough! 5 Stars

  2. I was disappointed on my last trip some time ago that did not use blindfolds and gag in the session

    • Mistress Imogen Reply

      I find this intriguing Peter as you always maintain you dislike either. I do remember confirming such before our last session began, nor do i remember it being mentioned post session debrief. Not mentioned at all till now. So I have to wonder what is driving this comment above. Perhaps next time another Mistress would better serve your needs.

    • i did not mean to have a go at you .i did still like the session so i hope you will

  3. Well what can I say, words wouldn’t do justice. If your reading this you no doubt have had the same sentiments upon meeting Mistress Imogen.
    From as far as I can remember, my natural self was to be of servive in a sense and was drawn to dominant women. After thinking and slowly dipping my feet in many years ago, I realised it was my place. Then by chance I visited Ms Imogen and It changed everything, flipping thoughts completely. She was that person in every way that I thought up as a kid. Making it all make sense.
    So the message to all that she is great and is born to assertively lead you or support you or discipline you or break you in lol etc
    You won’t be disappointed. Only issue is you become hooked Well not really an issue.

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