Assorted photos of Mistress wearing various fetish outfits including leather, latex, pvc and a variety of boots.


8 Responses to “Mistress”

  1. Thank you for taking my call Mistress Imogen, I look forward to meeting you in person sometime early in the New Year. I adore your photos can’t wait to see you in person.Respectfully yours, Allan

  2. This lockdown is crazy for everyone. Though it has confirmed to me the people and or things you really miss the most and need crazily. From the people and things that you can do without.
    You Clearly sit on top of the tree of what I and no doubt many others, miss the most and need the most. Past Memories and these pictures are great but nowhere near the feeling of being there in person and trying to be /do as is needed from me. Counting down the days.

  3. Mistress Imogen your pictures are fantastic. You look amazing and clearly so so appealing!

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