Antics 11Nov18

A couple of anal sessions, stretching with various toys and fingers before moving to some of my more challenging larger toys and ending with fisting. An erotic tie and tease with a long time regular I dont see often enough. Couldnt contain his excitement and exploded before he was given permission tsk lol Needs more practice in self control obviously.

A longer session with slut’s cock tied, weights added, nipple clamps and a spreader bar before he was restrained and given a good flogging, spanking, strapping. Moved him to the bench and restrained him before teasing him, then tormenting him with some pegs, wax, electro and needles.

Finished him off in the sling, light anal tease with some fingers before slowly fucking his tight arse with my cock until he begged for release. Took pity on him and allowed him to explode over himself before feeding him his cum 😉

One of my discipline sluts also stopped by for a bit of a thrashing. Started with a slow warm up, working through my floggers, crops, paddles, straps, from the lighter end to heavier. Finished off with a good going over with my canes. Six of the best with each. Slut left nicely welted. He should be thinking of me each time he sits down for the next few days at least haha

Bit of ball busting, which i dont get to do very often. Slut tied prone on all fours, cock and balls exposed while i delivered some well placed kicks with my bare feet. Built up the intensity of the impact pushing him to his limits before he was allowed to wank over my boots, then clean the mess he made with his tongue.

Also some humilation, spitting, face slapping, while slut performed some tasks for me – badly. His punishment entailing some strict corporal punishment. Shame he didnt earn any rewards, he was sent home without any release as a lesson for future encounters 😉

I can be nice, i can be nasty. Its up to you lol

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