Happy Maso

At my previous establishment I was visited by a gentleman who rarely gets the opportunity to come to Sydney and as such had not visited the establishment before. His session had been discussed in a series of emails prior to his appointment. The gentleman in question is a heavy masochist – the session a few hours of torture primarily with weights, needles, electro and sutures.

I asked another Mistress to join the session because of her experience and also knowing that the other Mistress  thoroughly enjoys the type of sesson content. Before the gentleman in question showered I administered an enema, leaving him to release it and meet back in the dungeon when ready.

The session commenced with him standing with his wrists attached to the winch by cuffs as he was tormented by both of us, adding weights and pegs to his bound balls. Clamps with additional weights stretched out his nipples. The other Mistress administered light discipline while I teased him with vampire gloves.

He was uncuffed and his adornments removed, then stretched on the rack, hands clad in leather mitts and bound securely with rope to the bench. Now it was time to insert an electrical anal probe and a catheter, before turning on the power. Electrical torture to his arse and urethra alternated with both alcohol and tobasco sauce dripped down the eye of his cock.

The gentleman took the electro bravely, even though he begged for mercy three times. He had asked us to push his boundaries and we took delight in doing so, but he was also generously and sensually rewarded for his efforts.

Once we had our fill of electrical thrills, we produced the butterfly board, threaded his cock and balls through it’s hole and stretched and pinned his cock and balls over it. Even after removing the board we continued to decorate his genitals with needles until 69 had been inserted.

Photos were taken before removing the needles and moving our gentleman to the sling, where the other Mistress began crafting his cock and balls into a pussy with careful suturing. His nipples were also sutured to add to the tension. The tip of his cock was released through the sutures for more needles to be inserted horizontally through the head, making five in total, as well as 2 each through both nipples.

Stretching with suture string under the crosswork of needles through the head, it was time for more alcohol and tobasco sauce to be inserted down the eye of his penis. The the needles were removed, which seemed a good time for some sounds to be inserted, not to mention more electro torture. The gentleman’s boundaries once again were being pushed beyond anything he could have imagined before we finally stopped.

As the session drew to a close he was rewarded handsomely for his good behaviour while taking the torture meted out over the three hour period. He left a very happy masochist looking forward hopefully to return.


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