Anal Stimulation

What is Anal Stimulation? What is Prostate Milking? How Safe is Anal Stimulation? Is Anal Stimulation Pleasurable? Summary   What is Anal Stimulation? Anal stimulation can involve anything that p

Electrical bdsm play

Electrical bdsm play There are two main implements used in electrical bdsm play. The violet wand is one and the tens unit is another.

The difference a day can make…

Wow, such a loss Steve Jobs passing. Wanted to share an article I read. Sad. Steve Jobs Was Always Kind To Me (Or, Regrets of An Asshole) I met Steve Jobs while I worked at Gizmodo.

Getting Pegged

"I can get a full body orgasm and occasionally multiple ones.

Play ‘drop’

BDSM sex play can sometimes leave people feeling down afterwards – but there are ways to avoid it

Caning Technique

There are two main schools of caning technique. English-style traditionalists insist upon power strokes only, with no warm-up, while the West Coast school enjoys inflicting a variety of intensities.

Your Brain on BDSM

What happens in your head when you get flogged? Scientific researchers and professional dominatrixes talk about endorphins and all the other neurochemicals that make bondage so delightful.

BDSM emblem

The BDSM Emblem was created to allow BDSMers fearing persecution to identify themselves to each other secretly. The key words are "identify" and "secretly.

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