I had the pleasure of doing an extended session incorporating my favourite elements of play. I was a lovely gentleman who was visiting Sydney. I admit to being apprehensive on chatting to him in the waiting room as he asked to be pushed. Some of these older slaves who have been around for years have a lot of experience and pushing them can be a challenge.

We started off with an interrogation. I love interrogation and dont get the opportunity to do a lot of them. On my instruction, slave had brought with him a sealed envelope with three random names in it. I gave this to the receptionist as those names were what I was to extract from him under interrogation. They also served as his safewords, if he needed to stop he had to give up a name. This allowed him to safeword without breaking the roleplay.

To begin, I had two of the other Mistresses ‘kidnap’ him, wrestling him to the ground in the waiting room and leaving him hooded and bound in the dungeon upstairs for me. On my instruction they had also delivered a golden shower each to the pillowcase covering his head. Leaving him there to soak in it untill I arrived in the dungeon. There was no conversation and he wasn’t expecting such a start to our session! I wanted to play with his head from the moment he walked in.

I had set the dungeon up with a chair in the middle of the room, the spotlight facing the chair. Slave was moved to the chair and bound securely before having the blindfold removed. Not that he saw much with the light directly in his eyes. Once secure, I began to torture him with the aim of extracting the information I needed.

Applying a variety of torture techniques I pushed him to the point of giving up the names. The first name he gave up after having his head repeatedly dunked into a bucket of cold water. Whilst I had expected the lack of oxygen might challenge him, surprisingly it was the cold that sent him over the edge. The second name was forthcoming after I tore from his inner thigh one of the two peg zippers I had attached. Unfortunately for slave the other still had to be removed. I admit I wasn’t nice about it but then it was an interrogation after all. The third and final name was given when I was burning his cock and balls with an incense stick. Intense and effective.

No rest however for slave. Now that I had ‘broken’ him he was mine to use and abuse as I pleased. And I had so much more in store for him. I administered an enema before cross dressing him transforming him into my slut. A bit of teasing and light spanking before he was sent to the bathroom to release the enema. When he returned he was restrainedd face down. His delectable little bottom got a very sound spanking and strapping building up the intensity until he mercied – something he wanted to be pushed to do.

I then added some latex to my slut’s attire including a hood with inflatable gag, then proceeded to give him some more discipline over the latex. Deciding his hot bottom needed some cooling down I positioned slave on the floor to receive multiple golden showers by the Mistresses in the house.

After sending him off to the shower to clean himself up, I then put him in the canvas straight jacket. With the gasmask in place I proceeded to do breathplay on him whilst he was still bound by the straightjacket. Two of my favourite things.

When I had enough, I catheterised him before we got down to some needle play. He had previously had 30 needles through his scrotum and cock, and only once through the nipples, which caused him to faint so he was not keen to repeat that part of the experience. I decided to use smaller guage needles and started off with 19g. I also used some 23g and 25g. In total i did 65 needles to the genital area and finished with five each around each nipple (rather than through) – which he coped well with.

Slave turned out to be a needle slut, so I pushed the boundaries after seeing his reaction to them 🙂 Whilst the needles were still in I tormented him a little with some alcohol both over the needles and down the eye of his cock. We also did some play with the sounds and TENS unit. Again I pushed his boundaries on the TENS much to my delight. And his.

To finish off the session, I stripped him naked and re-dressed him in latex before placing him inside the latex vacuum bed. It was the first time I had used it and my what a versatile piece of equipment it is. Lots of fun sensual play over the top whilst he was immobilised inside. I released him after about 20 minutes, not wanting him to overheat.

We finished off the session with some erotic anal play in the sling. Starting with teasing and relaxing his sphincter with my fingers before moving on to dildos and the strap on. Finally back to my hand when he was relaxed enough. With some determination not only did I manage to get my fist inside, but also my forearm… almost to the elbow. I am not sure who was more thrilled. Slave or me. It was a first for us both. After an explosive climax slave was released and ordered to the shower.

We both had so much fun it was a shame to end the session when time came. Not sure how to up-the-ante for the next one now.


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