I was visited at my previous establishment by my slave who is into extreme mummification/suffocation/breathplay. He had advised me he was coming to visit and we had previously discussed the content of the session including video taping it for him. This required we have a perspex lid made for ‘The Pit’ in the courtyard as he was to be ‘buried alive‘. I also wanted a visual of him for safety reasons, and I had another Mistress assisting me in case of difficulties.

The other Mistress and I began by wrapping slave tightly in pallet wrap. We bound each limb separately before tying his feet and hands off with cable ties. From there we worked our way up his torso to his neck. We then lowered slave into The Pit where we proceeded to gag him and slide the large plastic body bag up and over him. The panels of the lid for The Pit were replaced, 2 wooden panels covering his torso and the perspex panel above his head.

Unfortunately for slave, the heat of the day was against him and before we had even tied off the body bag he balked and mercied. It was simply too hot. We removed the gag and instead started off using the gasmask, one of my favourite toys, and one slave has also come to love! I slipped the hose out from between the panels so I had control of his breathing. The other Mistress  was standing by with stop watch to time each stint without air.

Standing above him on the perspex panel where he could see me I advised slave that his predicament had me rather aroused. To further add to his torment I began to pleasure myself above him, telling him he would only be released if and when i reached climax. Maybe. Restricting his air through the hose with one hand, and gazing intently into his eyes I brought him to the brink a few times as I teased myself. Keeping him on the edge of consciousness as I lost myself to my own arousal finally climaxing over the perspex lid.

I removed the perspex lid and gasmask, seating myself on top of slave’s still wrapped torso. I put the gag back in his mouth and took one of the clear plastic head bags. Sliding it over slave’s head I twisted the ends tight being careful not to put pressure on his windpipe. Gazing intently into his eyes, watching his face turn red as he writhed and his eyes rolled back I repeatedly restricted his airflow to the brink of consciousness till slave was given permission to climax.

The other Mistress and myself extricated a spent and sated slave from The Pit, slowly unwrapping him before sending him on his way. Till the next time…


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