Logistics – Morning Bookings

It doesnt matter how much I enjoy someone or their session, simple logistics dictate that I cannot accommodate morning sessions without a booking being made the previous evening.

I do not turn my phone on before 9am as I also work evenings, need sleep and have a life outside of work – like everyone else. Unless you have had the forethought to book the previous evening, the earliest I will receive your request is 9am. After which I require time to get myself ready and set up for the session – before you arrive.

My hours are flexible and I am happy to accommodate early or late bookings where I can. There is nothing more disappointing than waking to a missed sms requesting a session for a timeframe I simply cannot meet. Like an sms received at 9.30am for a session ‘this morning’. Logistically its impossible.

A little forethought is not much to ask 😉


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