Webcam and phone sessions now available

Due to current COVID restrictions I am also now offering sessions either by webcam or phone, as well as in person.

Obviously these aren’t suitable for every type of content or personal circumstance, but some activities work fine remotely.

I can also provide instruction remotely via email by arrangement.

These sessions all involve me directing you what to do with and to yourself. Talking to you or watching while you perform for me. Unlike straight cam girl sessions lol

If you think this would work for you, please call or sms to discuss content and pricing.

Obviously in person is preferred, more fun for me lol

I will be getting vaccinated on 2 August. I have for most of the past year and a half been self isolating as much as practical.

I use gloves, Viraclean everything and am happy to wear a mask during bookings for those who have concerns. Happy to discuss your needs.

Stay safe and kinky xxx



2 Responses to “Webcam and phone sessions now available”

    • As the post says call or sms to enquire / book.

      The same notice period applies for webcam, Phone can be done once fee paid by PAYID or booked ahead of time.

      If I am busy when you enquire and can’t respond immediately, I will get back to you at the first opportunity during business hours.

      I don’t answer private numbers they are usually wankers.

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