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Mistress Imogen | Professional Dominatrix | ParramattaMistress Imogen | Professional Dominatrix | Parramatta

Do you yearn to express yourself, sexually, emotionally and physically? Are you seeking a woman who can guide you in these expressions? A woman who can excite you mentally, stimulate you erotically, awaken you to the full spectrum of sexual sensations?

Pain, pleasure, sensuality and sensation are all on the table in my sessions. From extreme torture to playful tormenting, I can lead you to the satisfaction you are seeking. Allow me to provide the experience you seek.


Who is Mistress Imogen?

I am a lifestyle switch with over 14 yrs professional experience in BDSM, located in the Parramatta Area of Western Sydney.

The first four years working professionally were spent at both of Sydney’s professional BDSM parlours. During this time I gained valuable insight and experience honing my craft. Since that time I have been working independently.Nurse Imogen

Equally comfortable with the roles of dominance and submission, I also enjoy sessions which blur the distinctions between the two. I take extreme pleasure in most aspects of kink, particularly enjoying intense play that pushes both myself and my partner’s boundaries.

Intense play doesn’t necessarily mean pain play. Some of my most stimulating sessions have involved a continuous torturous exchange of tantalising sensations. Most of my sessions involve some level of collaboration and intellectual and emotional exchange.

My laugh resonates evil kink and perversion. My long dark hair and flashing deep brown eyes bring to mind archetypal images of feminine power, however I can also demonstrate an intense passivity and submission.

A slender and yet busty Australian size 7 I am lithe and curvaceous yet athletic enough to subdue you. I wear a size 6 shoe and with my collection of fetish wear I am able to satisfy even the most discerning of connoisseurs.



Gasmask fetishI have a hygenic, discrete and professionally set up play space in the Parramatta area. Equipment includes sex sling for anal, restraint bench, latex vac bed (bondage/sensation play), sybian sex machine (intense fun for males and females alike), st andrews cross. I also have an assortment of electro, impact, bondage, and sensation toys to explore.

Interests & activities I enjoy include but are not limited to the below:

discipline/corporal punishment – erotic to heavy
– CBT / ball busting
– Nipple torture
electrical torture – erotic to extreme
– mummification – pallet wrap, tape and plastic bags
restraint  – including leather cuffs, hoods and straps
– sensory play – light to more extreme deprivation and stimulation
– humiliation – either physical or verbal, including dehumanisation and objectification
medical – including enemas, catheters, sounds, sharps (needles, sutures, fish hooks) and saline infusion
anal – either stretching or depth, strap-on, small and large toys, fisting (one or two), prostate stim
– roleplay – light to more complex interrogation and mind games
– boot fetishism including trampling
– breath control – light to extreme, hands, gasmask, plastic bags, smothering
– latex sessions – Mistress only
– partial cross-dressing – lingerie, basic makeup, wigs
– edging – orgasm control and denial
– roman showers

If you have an area of interest or activity not mentioned above, please call to discuss. I take most pleasure from the rapport and dynamic between us. Skillfully guiding you to unexplored limits through new experiences, feeding off your responses and energy. I am passionate about BDSM and I want the experience to ignite your passion.

Masters and Mistresses as well as Dominants in training, switches, submissives, bottoms and fetishists of all persuasions (male and female) are welcome.


New Clients

Time Wasters
On Arrival
Session Time




New clients are welcome to enquire either by email or phone. However unless I know you I dont take initial bookings other than by phone. When calling do not use a private number or your call will not be answered.

I may not get back to you immediately if I am already with a client, however I will respond by sms in business hours that day usually, advising i can talk and inviting you to call again if convenient.

Time Wasters

Disrespect and time wasting are the quickest ways to join my block list, including sms or calling at ridiculous hours of the night. These most certainly will not get you into session with me. If you cant show respect outside of the playroom, I assume you certainly wont show it once inside.


Please be respectful and address me accordingly. New clients and regulars are always welcome to ask relevant questions or call back if necessary to book. Don’t however waste my time with no intention of booking.

Do not ask me if I want to offer my service for free/want a personal slave when you haven’t even met me. Its discourteous and insulting. You wouldn’t expect any other service provider you see to work for free. Nothing screams time waster more than that. It will not get a response especially if you are a new client.

First time clients MUST pay $50 deposit through PayID / Osko or gift card (ask for link) to secure the booking. No exceptions. Contact me for details to use either.

Once payment is received I will sms confirmation. The booking may be rescheduled for no additional fee. No refund payable on cancellation or failure to keep appointed booking.

On the Day

New clients are required to sms / call to confirm prior to our appointment. If you fail to do so, and have not advised me that you are unable to make the booking, I will not EVER accept another booking from you. See paragraph on time wasting/disrespect.

Those that show me the professional courtesy of advising in advance they are unable to attend, will be given another appointment on request. Please remember its not just myself you inconvenience with a cancellation, other people may miss booking that time.

On confirming the booking, new clients will be given the address and instructions how to get there/where to park. If you are running early, please let me know as we may be able to start earlier. Same if you are running late, I may have another booking afterwards.

On Arrival

We have time for a quick chat when you arrive, this does not come out of your session time. If there is anything you wish to ask/amend/include this is the time to let me know. If an enema is required I will administer, again this does not come out of your time.

Clients do have a safeword (Mercy). If there is an issue you can call it and I will address whatever the issue is. Fee is payable on arrival, and once discussion and any enema is complete, you will have a quick shower before we start the actual session.

Once you are showered and return to the room, the fun begins 😉

Session Time

Whether you are a slave or a slut/plaything I am still in charge/control. Whether strict or relaxed, I like to have fun in session usually at your expense. I appreciate your personality and the energy exchange between us, so dont be afraid to let yourself relax into the play.

I get off on your reactions and where I can take you. Its always difficult when you first meet someone to place your trust in them, but the rewards when you do are plentiful. I am experienced in both play and reading people, and I endeavour to give you a good experience not do you harm. I want you to come back after all 🙂


You will be allowed time to shower and dress prior to departure. Please take your time, sometimes it can take a few minutes to get one’s head back together 😉 Any further questions you have or feedback can be discussed once you have showered.

Hopefully you will have enjoyed the experience and both of us will look forward to our next time together.



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14 Responses to “Mistress Sydney”

  1. I got to see Mistress Imogen today and it was the most amazing experience. She talked to me and broke down what I was interested in. She was warm and friendly and helped me work through my very scattered thoughts.
    Once the session started the became a whole different person. Hard, cruel and pushing me to my very limits. An amazing session I thoroughly enjoyed.
    Once the session was over, she was warm and caring making sure I was ok and helped me level back out. I’ll 100% be going to see her again

  2. Hello mistress, I’m not sure if you recall but I initially messaged you and I think you blocked me. I was scared at first and played it off as I had the wrong number, but I’m ready now and keen to give this a shot. Sorry about before.

  3. Misstress imogen i have try to sendthree messages yesterday i was wanting to know if i could book in yesterday afternoon i wonder i it got to you on my mobile XXX

    • Hi Peter,

      Thats a worry, no i have no messages from you nor missed calls. Did u enter my number correctly? Hopefully we can reschedule a time.

      I did receive both calls and sms from others the past few days, so Im not sure the issue is my end. However, I always say to people if you dont hear back from me in a few hours (i may be in session), then try calling instead of sms.

      I have had sms go astray both my end and clients end in the past.


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