A while back I had a very unusual session. Not one I get very often in terms of content (nor intensity), but one of my major personal kinks/fetishes. The session was full-on mummification/suffocation/breathplay. This was different though….

Slave was pallet-wrapped first – limbs and torso individually, then wrapped together. Hands cable tied behind his back, legs cable tied also. Then a ring gag. He had originally asked for his head to also be gladwrapped with just two nose holes left but i refused to do that for safety reasons.

Then I slid him into a long clear plastic bag…. and I tied off the end. And sat…. and watched him suffocate. Twisting and turning in the bag, his eyes wide, the condensation from his breath forming. His fear and panic starting, abating….. rising again. It was incredibly erotic.

Slave had told me he could breathe in there for 30 minutes or so, but he asked for mercy after 10 minutes. So I cut the bag open and removed the gag. He was disappointed in himself, but given he didn’t know me and it was a strange environment, it was no wonder he didn’t last as long as he hoped. I knew he wouldn’t the way from the way he was breathing – it was too deep and rapid. He was going to run out of air fast even if he didn’t panic.

Instead of finishing the session, I suggested we instead try plastic headbags. Again, originally he wanted them taped around his neck OVER the gladwrap with the nose holes! but I refused. I slid the bag over his head and twisted the end, holding it tight [so I could let go quickly if needed]. Again, the visuals were amazing through clear plastic as it sucked against his face, his pupils dilating and contracting.

We did it a few times. I would let him breathe a bit when he asked for mercy. I pushed him almost to the point of passing out, but not over the edge. He had been wanting to really have his limits pushed, and I was happy to do that. He was totally awed, having only ever had one person push him so far. After that I suggested the gasmask. Of course! He said he had tried one but didn’t seem fussed on it, however agreed to give it a go.

He was glad he did. The interaction, the eye contact, the intimacy all heightened, the rush of oxygen as intoxicating as the deprivation. He went off!! Afterwards he said the gasmask was actually the highlight of the whole session and he was glad he stayed. His fear had been that he wouldn’t be pushed far enough and it would be frustrating and disappointing to him. It was his first time visiting a professional establishment.

Understandable, but I pointed out that while I had said I would push him in a way I was comfortable with … I had neglected to mention I am also a sadist!


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