Slave R

Written by Slave Robbie


I arrived at [the establishment] and was shown into the Main Dungeon. I had talked to Mistress Imogen and told her that I wanted a CBT Session that would push my limits. I was in the slave position when Mistress arrived. This pleased Mistress, she told me to stand up and to keep my eyes lowered and not to look at her. She placed a large hand-cuff onto each of my wrists and then clipped them to a suspended bar, she raised the bar so that my arms were above my head.

Mistress tied my cock and balls tightly with a very thin cord and hung a large weight from the cord. She then moved around behind me and started to work on my backside. First with her hand just getting me started. She slowly increased the pressure and got harder and harder. Every time she smacked me the weight would swing and pull at me. At this stage Mistress put a nipple clamp onto each of my nipples and hung a weight from each of them.

As she continued to smack me these too swung and the pain was delightful. She had changed from her hand to a paddle on my backside. To give her better access, Mistress made me spread my legs a little and push my bottom out. This allowed the weight on my cock to swing even further. At this stage, I had to hang onto the chains holding me up to stop myself from collapsing. The wooden paddle was really intense and I’m afraid that I had to use the “M” word.

Mistress then changed from the paddle to a riding crop and started using this on my cock. She worked it over my balls and cock and left a beautiful bruise. The pain was exquisite. Mistress then moved onto the cane. I have always loved the cane. Mistress decided that I did not have enough weight on me. She added another weight that was larger than the one already on me and it felt as if my cock would be ripped off me. The clamps and weights on my nipples fell off and as they came off it felt like my nipples had been torn off as well. She replaced them with two sets of four pegs that stung like all hell. She freshened up my backside again just to make sure I would be sore.

She told me that she would give me six strokes very hard; the idea of knowing how many were coming only increased the sensation. She then moved in front of me and started to use the cane on my cock. After softening me up, she told me that I was to receive two hard strokes on my cock. The first came and I nearly fainted, the second came and I was in heaven. This left the most beautiful bruising and I knew that I had been pushed to a point that I had never been before. Mistress gave me a special reward that will remain between her and I for taking this punishment so well.

Mistress then let me down and untied the cord from my cock. I was then placed on the padded bench and cuffed to it. I had never tried needles but Mistress was insistent that I needed to be punished well. She started at the bottom of my balls and placed a needle every few mm until she had reached the head of my cock. The feeling when they go in cannot be described fully but it was a beautiful experience. She then pushed four more needles into my glans in a cross pattern. This was even more intense. I now had thirty needles inserted into my penis. All of this was done in a very sterile and very professional manner and I could tell that Mistress was enjoying this as much as I was. But Mistress’s pleasure was not over.

Mistress had some Urethral Sounds. She inserted a small one into my anus. She then took a large Sound and inserted this slowly down into my cock. Until it was as deep as she could get it. This is wonderful sensation and has to be tried to be believed. Mistress then attached an electrode to each sound and turned on the Tens unit. She started slowly at first but gradually turned it up until there was a very intense feeling rattling my balls. Mistress experimented with the Tens unit to find a setting that was both intense and pleasurable. She left this on for what seemed forever and I just laid back and enjoyed the sensations that Mistress had so cleverly devised.

I thank Mistress Imogen for this session and would recommend her to anyone. If you want to be pushed, she will push you. I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of this session and promise to take even more needles and more pain next time. Oh, and maybe a larger Sound.


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