Yes yes I know…

I keep promising, but nothing forthcoming. There is, just not yet 🙂

I do have good reason, I have somewhat been overtaken by … well, life. Outside the dungeon that is.

I will be moving in 4-6 weeks, and after nearly 9 years in the one premises – thats a lot of packing and cleaning up to do. Especially with other work commitments etc thrown in. I am grateful I had a clean out not long ago after a housemate moved out. Even so…

I also had to go to the CTTT over some issues around the above and that took quite a bit of time preparing the application then getting myself ready/covering my bases for the mediation. Thankfully all went well, but talk about exhausting ! And frustrating. Much rather be in the dungeon any day 😛

Luckily there has been plenty of that to keep the old stress levels down. I just need to find the time and headspace to get it all down.

All going to plan, tomorrow will be a busy day in the dungeon. That i am looking forward to 😉

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