Recent Dungeon Antics…

Well its been a busy month, with lots of changes ! Some of the highlights I have detailed below….

A fun session with a twist, with someone I have seen before. He brings in a list of ‘results’ for want of a better word, numbered 1 to 6. Some he enjoys, some he doesnt, and always one that is Mistress’ choice (of course!). Another is a ‘free pass’.

Before we begin the game slut gets strung up, with his hands cuffed and the spreader bar on his feet (dont want him moving too much). And then….I get to roll the dice while he awaits his fate. The number it lands on, is what he receives. How its delivered, is up to me πŸ˜‰

This time he received nipple clamps (not very nice ones and unfortunately for him, I rolled Mistress’ choice and clamps were it again. Yes Im mean), weights to his balls, electro to his cock. He was fucked with my strap on, and also received the strap to his arse.

No free pass for him this time, however I was very kind and allowed him the choice of three straps. I had to laugh when he chose the nastiest of the three. I doubt he will do that again πŸ˜‰

Another fun session with a regular slut I see, had him bent over the bench and cuffed to it. Nipple clamps also tied to the bench so any movement would cause him pain. An anal hook was inserted into his arse and tied off to the collar around his neck.

A spreader bar attached to his ankles ensuring the slut had minimal movement. After which he was soundly disciplined, while I alternated between tormenting and teasing that cock of his, not to mention his nipples…Β  until I took pity on him and allowed the slut release πŸ˜‰

Lots of anal play was also enjoyed, by both myself and the receiving sluts. One who likes to watch the action was treated with some mirrors around the room to give him a good view. I relaxed his arse with plenty of toys, and while we didnt quite get there with the fist – we are fairly close πŸ˜‰

Another slut, new to me was taken by surprise when I did manage to slide my fist into his greedy arse after opening him up gradually with some rather large toys πŸ˜‰ So greedy he came back a few days later for more ! This time he not only took my fist but also the double ended dong I had slid mostly inside him to the hilt. I had taken some delight in tormenting his nipples the first visit, and I wasnt surprised they were more sensitive the second time round lol

More fun also with a regular anal slut who enjoys a rather vigorous fisting. Getting him nice and relaxed in the sling he received a rather sensual fisting along with some rather large cocks, till he was almost beside himself with rapture !

Another new slut had me in hysterics. Mostly anal play with various cocks and the hitachi, he had orgasm after orgasm after orgasm. And he was a screamer. I had to turn the music up between his howling and my laughter ! His arse thoroughly fucked until slut was exhausted and spent πŸ˜›

It wasnt all about anal and fistings though ! There was a fun teacher/student roleplay, where a naughty boy was chastised for being caught out watching one of the female students peeing in the toilet. After some interrogation, the student was given a lesson and forced to masturbate while Teacher pissed on his cock. No self discipline these students, made a right mess cumming all over himself as well tsk.

Another regular slut of mine I enjoy stopped in for some of Mistress’ attentions. He found himself gagged and blindfolded, cock tied tightly, as he was strapped down to the bench, legs cuffed and attached to the winch. His arse penetrated with the electro butt plug, with the rings around his cock as I had some fun playing with the settings. Some nice 18g needles through the head of his cock and nipples certainly got his attention before I had some fun tormenting his cock with various sounds. Some weights on his balls, I teased his cock until slut could no longer hold back and emptied those balls of cum all over himself.

A fun tie and tease with another regular, strapped to the bench, legs spread, gagged, headphones on with the music piping through I proceeded to torment his very hard cock until he writhed and moaned, his cock finally exploding.

To mix things up, I had a lot of fun with another new gentleman doing a switch session. The switch bit didnt last very long though as slut got overly excited and wanted to be done. I giggled my way through as I realised just how sensitive he was, oh I do love a responsive slut. Tied to the headboard with nipple clamps on, I almost had him dancing as I toyed with the electro rings I put around his cock. Teasing slut with the pinwheel, flogger and my vampire gloves before I moved him to the sling. Using a very small finger sized vibrator I was taken by surprise when he came without permission (or warning !) lol !

Another new slut I had fun with by first cuffing his arms to some overhanging chain with some nice clamps to decorate his nipples. His arse was penetrated with the anal hook, tied off to the collar around his neck before his bottom was given a sound spanking. Releasing his arms I moved slut to the bondage chair, where the seat comes off allowing one’s cock and balls to be accessed.

Arms cuffed behind the chair and spreader bar attached to his legs behind the chair legs, he was pretty secure. Regardless I fed the rope from the spreader bars up across his chest and tied it over his arms behind him. The hook was still in place πŸ˜‰ I proceeded to attach some weights to his balls and the electro rings to his cock. I discovered what a little slut he was for electro play and had fun with the settings on that.

Finally I removed the anal hook, and positioned slut in the sling so I could fuck his arse with my strap on, eventually using my hand instead … almost getting the whole fist inside him. A little practice/training and I am sure we will get there πŸ˜‰ Slut was rewarded for taking most of my fist however and finally made to cum all over his stomach.

Some CBT fun with another slut who was strapped securely to the bench before I applied the electro plug and rings. His cock and balls were firmly flogged, slapped, hit, caned… before I also inserted the electro sound. I had loads of fun tormenting him as I kept increasing the intensity until I couldnt increase it any more ! Needless to say, next time he comes in (Monday haha) I will be bringing in the mains lead πŸ˜‰ Lets see how he does with that !

Last but by no means least, was a lot of fun I had with some heavy discipline on a rather cheeky slut I have known and played with for a while. Some of his pics are already on my gallery πŸ˜‰

Pretty cuts20 strokes cold and hard with the cane to start, the thick discipline one. After which I moved him to the cross so I could spank, strap and flog him with everything from the quirt to my very nasty cat. Then I got out the single tail. Sadly for slut I am out of practice, but those knots did leave some lovely bruises …. oh dear πŸ˜‰

Not content, it was back to the cane again, I think i gave him half a dozen with each cane I had lol. I am not sure who needed the session more, he or I. With marks, its not often I get to do How many toys???that level of discipline at work, I think I used just about every toy I own..! haha

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  1. Hi Stu here wondering if you have any vacancies from Thursday evening to Sunday cheers all arvos or evenings


    Date: Sat, 11 Apr 2015 14:25:49 +0000 To:

    • Thursday evening I can do, not the afternoon. I have some availability Friday/Sat/Sun at the moment. You would need to call me though to make a booking. Not this evening, I am about to head out πŸ™‚

      I can talk before 10am tomorrow or after 5pm (I am in session in between), or Tuesday anytime at this stage.


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