On another note…. given tax time is approaching….

A recommendation for a kink friendly tax specialist….

“The Kink Friendly accountant is a mainstream Tax agent but also has worked in and around the adult industry for many years even before becoming a tax agent. ASA is happy to deal with things that go thwack, buzz and make you go oooo in the night!

If you just need a tax return done or advise on how to operate your business legally and effectively ASA can help. With numerous professional associations from mortgage and loan brokers, financial advisors and any professional service you might need most if not all your business and tax requirements can be met.

The easiest way to find out more is go to
https://www.adultservicesaccounting.com.au/ which discusses specifically what we can assist with for people in the adult industry but once you have been in contact you will only deal with the parent company since your privacy is as important as potentially your clients. This means you will never be emailed or invoiced by Adult Services Accounting, everything will come via out main stream consulting firm.”

He is also available for run of the mill non kink variety tax returns 😉

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