Antics 29Jan19

Antics 29Jan19 Life has been interesting to say the least, or is that challenging ! All sorts of internet connection issues, my provider now says damaged cable back in the storms before xmas – great ! Add to that my phone charger port dying on me…. and you have one stressed Mistress. Thankfully I have my sluts for catharsis lol

Phone now replaced and working well. Internet not so much, currently hotspotting from phone. I do apologise for the lengthy absence, its not been of my making. Between Internet and various sluts keeping me busy its been difficult to update.

And I am still working on the new look for the website, getting there – please bear with me a while longer while i figure out how to customise it all. I know its frustrating for you as well as me, any feedback appreciated or letting me know what works or doesnt….

I have had too many fun sessions with many sluts the past month, some regulars and many new ones too. All have been loads of fun for me, and hopefully our time has been as pleasurable for them 😉

I shall leave you with some pics below and a promise to not be so tardy updatding moving forward !


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