Antics 21Nov18

Fun couple of bookings. The first with a regular, short and to the point. Started off with half a dozen cane strokes followed by a good fucking on all fours. Another half dozen cane strokes then slut was allowed relief as a reward.

Today I saw a new slut, we started off putting him some fishnets and pretty pink silky panties. Restraining him to the bench, blindfolded and cuffed I proceeded to match the colour of his arse to those panties. A nice rosy shade of pink after some sound spanking and assorted straps.

Repositioning slut onto his back, I had better access to torment his hard cock. Some electro pads, the electro anal plug had him writhing in pleasure. I put some clamps on his nipples and teased them and his cock and balls with the body massage wand, pulling back each time he got close to exploding.

Deciding he had enough, he was made to kneel cuffed and blindfolded while I fucked his mouth with my cock. Gradully I forced it down his throat until he was gagging on the full length of it. I was quite impressed by his deep throating skills. I put him in the sling, some tight pegs on his sensitised nipples and slowly fucked his arse until i was pounding him with that same cock and another larger one.

I released him and finished him off on the sybian, playing with his cock as i adjusted the controls both oscillating and vibrating till he begged to cum. Pleased with his performance so far, I gave permission laughing as his cock spurted all over the towel on the floor.

I’m not sure who had more fun, him or me 😉

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