Antics 16Oct20

I apologise for my lack of posts lately. Work has been rather busy, which is a good thing but leaves me time and energy poor for other things. Like updates 🙂

I’ve been busy having fun with an array of regulars as well as having the opportunity to torment more than a few new sluts as well. Lots of fun, hopefully for them as well. A few new toys added to the collection as well over the past few months.

A few pics to tide you over, Im still yet to edit a load of videos to see which are suitable to post. Getting there !




2 Responses to “Antics 16Oct20”

  1. Hello mistress Imogen
    Thank you for your update.
    Can’t stop looking at your photos.
    I miss you working on me.

    You stapled my testicle into my scrotum, filled my penis with needles and electrocuted me inside and out last time.

    The new testicle spiked shell I would love you to use nest time .But I only have one testicle as the other was ruptured in an accident years ago.

    Could you hang all the weights and the spare shell all off my remaining testicle ?


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