Antics 06Mar19

Past week seemed to focus largely on discipline with a few fun sessions, including the cane. Given a lot of sluts cant have marks, I did enjoy the opportunity to let loose a little.

Started off with a short caning session on one of my sluts, no warm up. 30 strokes. I went harder than last time, enough to push slut a little.

Saw a new slut for more discipline, some electro play and strap on to finish as slut was forced to lick my hand clean of his cum. Another slut I hadnt seen for quite some time, came in for some fun. It was good to catch up, nervy lil thing he is. Flinched every time i touched him lol. Again, started with a warm up this time progressing from spanking, the strap to the cane. Various clamps to his nipples were removed then replaced intensifying the senssitivity. Moved him from the bench to the sling to finish off with some strap on fun until he exploded over himself.

Another new slut was lots of fun to torment. Some nipple torture and restraint before tormenting him with the electro sound and butt plug. Placed slut briefly in the sling, fucking his delicate arse until he was tender then repositioned him on the sybian to finish him off. I think he had been saving that orgasm for a while by the amount of cum he shot all over himself lol

Finally some fun with another regular. Game with the dice, each number with a corresponding action ie nipple torture, 6 strokes of implement, etc etc. Finished with a light caning to his cock, not something he has taken before. He did so well, he was rewarded for pleasing me so. Not totally rewarded though, being sent on his way without being allowed to cum, and chastity device padlocked in place 🙂

He had kept me waiting earlier in the day… so…. it was fitting, pardon the pun lol

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