7 November 2012

Lots of fun in the dungeon. Quite a few extended sessions of late, i do love the difference that extra bit of time sometimes makes to getting someone where you want to take them.

Hope everyone had fun with the Melbourne Cup yesterday, and managed to stay cool in the Sydney heat :/

Highlights of some recent antics began with a horny slut I havent seen enough of lately. I started with him blindfolded, his cock tied, wrists cuffed, some nipple clamps… then I restrained him face forward against the wall. Ordering the slut to spread his legs, I positioned beneath him a large black cock I had attached to a stand. Starting to spank his bottom I told the slut to lower himself onto the cock and fuck himself with it.

Chuckling as the slut struggled with his legs, watching his arse pumping up and down as I spanked him over and over, until finally he begged for mercy. His legs spent. Not his arse mind you ๐Ÿ˜‰

Releasing slut from his position I teased him some more before I moved him to the sling. Restraining his arms, spreading his legs wide, I began teasing his arse as well. Nicely relaxed from that black cock, he took my fist and then both a few times. Finishing him off with a large dildo I fucked his arse till the slut was well spent there too ๐Ÿ˜‰

Another slut I began with pallet wrapped to the pole, his cock tied and exposed, clamps on his nipples, hood over his head covering the eyes also. Using the hitachi and my imagination i teased the slut to the point of cumming a few times with strict orders that he was not to follow through.

Taking pity on him, I untied him and moved him to the bench where I made sure he was well restrained. Inserting the electro plug into his arse, the electro rings around his cock I amused myself with more tease and sensation play on the slut, chuckling as he moaned and writhed.

Moving him to the sling I slowly fucked his arse with my fingers, working up to the small strap on. Burying the cock further in his arse each time, fucking him as I teased him again with the hitachi until slut could take no more. Releasing him I ordered him to the floor telling him to play with that cock. Standing over the slut I released a nice warm golden shower all over him as he begged for permission to cum. Messy slut he was at the end ๐Ÿ˜‰

Someone else I dont see often enough, was ordered to strip on entering the dungeon. Circling him as he stood naked before me I informed slut what I had in store for him. That he was going to get a good thrashing, 50 with the strap, 50 with the whip, 100 with the cane. And for good measure another 24 with the discipline cane. Smirking at his expression, taunting him, I sent slut to the shower before we began.

On his return I positioned him in the sling, I wanted to stretch the slut in other ways too ๐Ÿ˜‰ And a very tight arse he has but with some patience I worked him up from my finger to the small dildo on my strap on. Telling the slut while fucking him, how marked and bloodied he would be by the time I finished disciplining that arse of his.

Eager to begin, I positioned slut face down on the bench strapping him in tightly before commencing. First the 50 with the strap, a nice heavy leather one that had slut writhing and moaning already. I laughed wondering how he would last. Next was the whip, another 50 to that reddened bottom. Even I was working up a sweat ๐Ÿ˜‰ Slut was becoming more tender with each stroke.

Smirking I looked at the canes I had laid out. 5 for the 100 strokes ๐Ÿ˜‰ Slut definitely got that thrashing, all 100 delivered to a well cut and bleeding bottom. Then because I felt like it I ordered slut to take another 20. I wanted more blood on that bottom. Turning my attention to the discipline cane, I took aim and delivered 24 in rapid succession. Again, for …. good luck this time? I ordered slut to take another 24. Again delivered full swing without pause between.

Pleased with slut’s performance I released him and turned him on his back, laying on that tender arse of his. Taking his cock, I milked him dry telling him what I planned to do to him next time. Chuckling to myself, as I sent slut off knowing he had a very long drive ahead of him. I wished for many bumps ๐Ÿ™‚

More fun with another slut I havent seen for a while (its the month for interstate visitors !). ย I began with him cuffed to the winch, blindfolded, his cock tied, the anal hook inserted and attached to the collar around his neck. Some pegs on his nipples, a few weights off his balls, and some discipline to that arse of his. Started off spanking, then the crop and the strap until the slut was squirming. Some intermittent teasing just made him squirm all the more ๐Ÿ˜‰

I moved the slut to the floor and straddled his face to deliver a golden shower for him to drink, before I repositioned him on the bench restraining him securely. Some electro to his arse and around his cock, followed by some sensation play soon had him squirming again. Had fun taunting the slut with the electro settings, some sounds and other CBT. He also had to drink another golden shower, I was hoping he was thirsty as I had drunk lots of water ๐Ÿ™‚

Moving him to the sling I teased slut’s arse, slowly fucking him with the strap on, working most of my fist inside as well. I wasnt able to get all of it in, so I amused myself by pulling hard on his bound balls and slapping his cock instead. When I thought slut was close to being spent I had him once again lay on the floor, for a final golden shower. This time though he was made to cum.

Another I started with some stockings and panties. Cuffing him to the headboard I added some clamps and a cocktie. The slut was teased and spanked before I used the strap and the crop on him, finishing with the flogger. Releasing his arms, I moved him to the bench restraining him face up. Inserting the electro plug in his arse, I attached the rings to his cock. I amused myself teasing his clamped nipples, as well as adjusting the electro settings to keep him squirming ๐Ÿ˜‰

Releasing the slut, I had him kneel before me as I put on my strap on. Ordering him to open his mouth, I slid my cock inside telling him to suck on it. Slut most eagerly attacked that cock with his mouth engulfing it while I held his head in place till he gagged. Ordering the slut stand, I bent him over the bench and fucked his arse making him beg for my cock while I thrust inside him. Instructing the slut to play with his cock as I fucked his arse harder, he was made to beg repeatedly before he was allowed to cum ๐Ÿ˜‰

A surprise visit, always loads of fun, with a very sexy horny slut. Again, panties and stockings before slut was cuffed to the winch, spreader bar attached to his ankles, and a butt plug inserted. Slut was soundly spanked before I released him, removing the spreader bar, and ordered him to all fours on the floor. There I tied him face down, spread eagle to each corner of the dungeon.

Moving behind slut, I started to tease his spread arse. Slowly working my fingers inside, first one, then before I knew it all four. A bit more teasing and I was up to my knuckles. Alternating between my hand and the strap on, slut’s arse got a very good working over. His arse relaxing I moved to one of the larger dildo’s hoping to get the hitachi at least all the way in. Horny as he was though, slut proved too tight. Finally spent he collapsed before me begging for mercy.

I have promised slut a treat next time I see him, that shall however remain between us until then…

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