4 December 2010

And today I saw a gentleman new to me but not the dungeon. He has been going there some five years now. We had a quick chat on his arrival before I instructed him to disrobe and wait in slave position for my return.

Slipping a blindfold over his eyes I ordered him to stand, I clamped his nipples and tied his cock with some weights attached, before teasing both with a vibrator and the pinwheel. His cock nice and hard, who could resist a few well placed slaps causing the weights to swing.

Instructing him onto all fours, I lubed up a gloved hand and slid a finger then two inside his tight ass. Slowly teasing him, getting him prepared to take the electro plug for my erostek electro unit. Slave pleased me taking the plug without too much effort at all. I removed the blindfold and positioned him on the bench before strapping him down, restraining his arms, legs and chest.

I placed the gasmask on him talking him through breathing with it, as opposed to fighting it. Once he was suitably relaxed, I removed the clamps from his nipples replacing them with pegs. I slipped two electro bands around his hard cock and attached the lead to the box, turning both those and the anal plug on to an erotic setting. Watching slave moan, I adjusted the setting till I was satisfied he was being pushed just that bit.

Turning my attention to the mask, I cupped the hose controlling the airflow reaching slave. Always one to up the ante, I fixed a blindfold over the mask also. Toying with the electro I played with the settings and his responses, teasing his cock in between until he was almost spent. I took mercy on him and removed the electro, freeing his legs so I could get more easily to his ass.

Lubing up a reasonable sized dildo, I slid it gradually inside his ass slowly fucking him with it as my other hand played with his cock. Hearing his moans under the mask I chuckled, the dildo sliding the whole way in. Holding it deep inside, I pressed the hitachi vibrator against it. Feeling slave thrusting against the dildo and my hand I ordered him to release, which he gratefully did. All over himself.

Restraints removed, mask peeled back, all slave could say was “wow”. I allowed him a few moments composure before sending him to clean up. I suspect I shall see him again 😉

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