28 November 2012

Recent antics began with a visit from one of my favourite sluts. Starting off teasing his nipples, I attached some rather intense electro clamps I have. A blind fold, cocktie and he was ordered to the floor. Standing over his mouth, I delivered a golden shower ensuring he didnt spill a drop ๐Ÿ˜‰

Moving slut to the sling I turned my attentions to his arse, slowly working my fist in and fucking him hard with it. The Hitachi was next, sending him bucking and writhing with the sensation. I even managed to get both my hand and the Hitachi in the slut’s hole.

I finished him off with a rather large cock he is particularly fond of. Then packed him off for work ๐Ÿ˜‰

Another of my favourite’s (yeah I have a few) also stopped by for some fun. First I put some earphones on him, then the gasmask over the top, followed by the blindfold. His cock securely bound, I lay him face down on the bench and restrained him with the pallet wrap.

I began to discipline him, starting off spanking his bottom until it was pink. I also had some fun with the crop and the strap. Giggling as he squirmed, his arse reddened and more sensitive, teasing the slut with some sensation play. Finishing off with some hot wax dribbled all over that very sensitive arse ๐Ÿ™‚

I repositioned slut face up, clamping his nipples and doing some breathplay on him with the gasmask before removing it and replacing it with the blindfold. I slowly worked my large electro plug into that arse of his and adjusted the settings till he was moaning and squirming. Kneeling over slut, I smothered him between my thighs as I tugged on those clamps.

Moving slut to the sling I focussed on his arse. Slowly fucking him with my fingers and various cock’s until he was screaming and cursing. Luckily for him he still had the headphones and blindfold on as I was laughing hard. Usually this gentleman is very polite so hearing him go off like that amused me greatly. And gave me cause to torment him all that much more. Finally allowing him release, the slut came and came and came. I think he needed that ๐Ÿ˜‰

Another slut began having already displeased me. He arrived and was ordered to strip immediately, revealing written on his front and back “Fuck Me”. Also some nasty alligator clamps which I delighted in tugging on as I denied his requests to have them removed, chastising him instead for his behaviour.

Blindfolding slut, cuffing him to the headboard I disciplined his arse. Both spanking and strapping it until I was satisfied the slut was indeed sorry.

Removing the clamps, I ordered slut to the floor on all fours. Legs spread, I started opening slut’s arse with my fingers and hand. Almost getting my fist in there, but not quite. Rolling him over I pissed all over him before moving him to the sling.

Fucking his arse with the strap on as well as more stretching with my hand, before I finished the slut off with a rather large cock. He impressed me with how much he took, bucking in the sling as it slid deeper inside his arse. Finally exploding all over himself.

Someone I havent seen for a while popped in. Tying his cock nice and tightly, putting on the gasmask and blindfold I restrained him to the bench. Teasing his cock intermittently, I began disciplining his arse building him up slowly to a nice intensity. Spanking, the crop, the strap, finally the cane.

Turning him over, replacing the gasmask for just the blindfold I put some clamps on his nipples and played with him watching him squirm. Some face smothering, breathplay and the electro rings on his cock, teasing slut until he was almost ready to cum. Ordering slut to play with himself, I bit his nipples sending him over the edge exploding all over himself.

More fun with one of the slut’s above. Starting this time with him cuffed and blindfolded. Some nasty clamps on his nipples, tugging on them as he growled and moaned. I cuffed him to the sling, bending him over and fisted his arse with him standing. When his legs had enough I moved him to the sling, attaching the electro rings to his cock I adjusted the settings till he was moaning.

Slowly working my fist back into his arse, I managed to also get both my hands into his arse three times. He did really well ๐Ÿ™‚ When slut was finally spent, I released him and ordered him onto the floor where I stood over him and pissed in his mouth. All that moaning had to leave him thirsty ๐Ÿ˜‰

Lots of fun with another slut, arriving she greeted me at the door dressed as instructed with bright red lipstick and a sign around her neck saying SLUT. She also had on a sheer white blouse, red bra and red panties/stockings. A cute little school girl skirt finished the outfit.

After settling myself in, I turned my attention to the slut who had been called before me, her headmistress. She had been performing oral on teachers. Chastising the slut for her behaviour, I ordered her to unpack my bags. I knew she would be nervous about what she found ๐Ÿ˜‰

Of course she denied my accusations giving me even more reason to discipline her. Seated before me as I put on my strap on and ordered she show me what she had done. Not convinced at all of her innocence, I put a rather severe latex hood on her hoping the inflatable gag would stop more of her protests. ย I lay her on her front and attached the spreader bar to her ankles. Her wrists were cuffed and restrained, her skirt pulled up exposing her bottom and well bound clit.

I began disciplining that bottom with my hand, the strap and the cane until she was squirming her bottom red and hot. Amused at her discomfort, I teased her arse and inserted an electro plug. Adjusting the settings till I could see it pulsing, I let slut feel the full effect of it.

Removing the latex hood, I replaced it instead with the blindfold. Positioning myself behind her, I started to fuck that tight hole of hers with my strap on, thrusting my cock deep inside. Laughing as she bucked and thrusted against me, greedy girl. Alternating between cocks and my hand I stretched her hold fucking her harder.Rolling her over on her back and re-securing her restraints, I tied the spreader back over her head so her legs were up and her hole exposed. Some electro attached to her clit, clamps on her nipples, I teased her with the Hitachi. Then I fucked her hole again until I was satisfied she was well used.

Lowering her legs I teased her throbbing clit till it was swollen. Instructing slut to play with herself while I smothered her breath between threats. Chastising the slut, threatening further punishment. Finally she was allowed to orgasm, knowing exactly who owns that arse of hers ๐Ÿ˜‰

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