24 June 2012

So, this long promised post… a busy few weeks, some of the highlights for me fun with a few regular sluts and a few new ones as well.

Some fun with the slut who took most of my foot up his arse, this time though we gave the feet a miss 😉 Instead we focussed on a more erotic session with him on the ground free to move into different positions as I played with his arse. His cock also received plenty of attention with both some sounds, and my gloved finger. It was an experience feeling the whole tip ‘pop’ inside so I could wiggle it tickling him. I think the experience just made the slut hornier to see what else can be fit down/around there 😉

Also some horny play with a gentleman I havent seen for a while, always lots of fun sometimes we switch sometimes not. This time it was just me in control and he asked to try something a little different from our usual session. Happily I obliged and when the slut emerged from the shower he found himself cuffed, his cock and balls tightly tied. Slipping a leather hood over his head, I secured the lacing so it was snug against his face.

While he was in the shower I had positioned a bench with a cock tied to it. I had the slut straddle the bench and lower himself onto the huge cock I had placed there. I spread his arms taut and cuffed them to the side of the headboard in front of him. The slut was ordered to fuck himself. Watching him raise and lower himself, his arse swallowing more of that cock each time, I began disciplining him. Spanking his arse, then the strap before flogging his back and arse both. Chuckling to myself as I listened to the moans coming from the slut, losing himself to the feeling of that cock inside him.

Moving him to the floor on all fours I removed the hood, replacing it with a blindfold. Straddling the slut, I delivered a nice hot golden shower to that gaping arse of his. Well lubricated, I knelt behind him and started playing with him, first one fist then fucking him hard with another large dildo. Finally slipping both fists in, a few times. More than we have before. Perhaps riding that cock was a nice warm up for his arse 🙂 Slut was finally allowed to cum, exploding over himself leaving him rather dazed and sated.

Another of my regular sluts stopped by for a bit of discipline. He found himself blindfolded and cuffed, his cock tied as he was restrained to the headboard. A sound spanking to his nice round arse, followed by the crop and the cane.  Teasing his cock I released him, moving him to the sling, taunting him with my breasts. Moving between his legs, I played with his arse, gradually working my fist inside, then both before taking pity on him.

Releasing him, I ordered him to the floor before inserting a nice sized plug into his arse. Straddling his face I delivered a golden shower into his mouth for the slut to drink, ordering him to wank as he swallowed. Chuckling as slave struggled I gave him permission to cum watching him make even more of a mess of himself 😉

A couple of fun sessions with a new slut, very horny one at that. The first encounter found him tied to the headboard, his cock being teased as he received some light discipline, spanking, flogging. Tormenting him further with the vampire gloves, I repositioned him against the pole fucking his face with my strap on. I didnt forget to make good use of his arse either with that strap on, finishing him off on the floor standing over the slut, saturating him as I ordered him to cum.  The second encounter no less horny, he found himself instead restrained to the bench before being teased and flogged, his face smothered, as he was finally permitted release.

Lots of fun and giggles with a delightful gentleman who has it seems been following my antics for some time. His session lots of discipline fun, where he found himself restrained face down to the bench before receiving a rather sound spanking to his soft bottom. Taunting him with some rather cheeky banter, we both had lots of fun as I worked my way through various implements – my hand, the strap, ruler, wooden spoon which he broke tsk, crop, and of course various canes.

The slut had to guess which implement I was using, or how many he was going to get. And sometimes getting the question right meant a worse punishment than getting it wrong 😉 lol He had been concerned before we started that I wouldnt deliver the degree of punishment he felt he required. I think by the end of his time on that bench, going by the wriggles and squeals, not to mention the red welted arse at the end… he was no longer concerned. Actually I know he wasnt 😉

Finally but not least by any means, fun with a new patient booked in to see Nurse for a check up.  He was thoroughly inspected before finding himself secured to the bench for further testing. His problem an issue with groping women. Restraint of course was necessary. We tested his reactions, pegs to the nipples and cock/balls, a light flogging, anal inspection, urethral probing with some sounds and some teasing with the vampire gloves  determining there was no sexual dysfunction. Perhaps a mental one – lack of self discipline maybe 😛

Testing the patient’s discipline, I released him and had him standing over the bench. I slid the attachment to the hitachi over his hard cock and attached the vibrator. Spanking his arse, in chastisement for his groping hands and turning the vibrator on I ordered the patient to fuck the attachment. Which he willingly did, his cock sliding in and out of the lubricated sheath vibrating around it, his moans building as his arse stung with my hand he finally exploded everywhere. I doubt the issue has been resolved, but hopefully his propensity to grope alleviated. I suspect he will require follow up treatment.

Outside of the dungeon I have been enjoying the weather when I can to get out on the pushbike, been catching up with friends as time permits also and keeping myself busy dabbling in non kink related stuff, boring that 🙂

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