12 December 2010

https://mistress.sydney/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/img_3343.jpgThe gentleman from earlier in the week arrived wanting to do a similar session to before. I had a few ideas on how to vary it but retain the essence.

This time I started with some ipod headphones. Over those went a hood, eyes covered. We tried a latex one I had brought with an inflatable mouth gag but that was too intense for slave. Leather it was. Once that was done up, I began mummifying him till he was wrapped neck to knee.

An interesting moment, getting slave to relax his body weight against me so I could lower him to the floor. A much larger frame than me, slave froze. I repeated the order, only to receive a small voiced “I’m scared”. Interesting what challenges people, and yes I was asking slave to place a large amount of trust in me. I reassured slave that whilst I am petite I am also toned and stronger than I appear. I reminded slave he wasnt the first slave I had done this to.

I felt his body sink against me as he allowed his legs to relax, taking his weight I lowered him to the floor, chastising him about trust once he was safely there. I finished mummifying the remainder of his legs and feet. Turning to his head I placed a breathing tube through the mouth opening of the hood and taped it in place. Lifting slaves head I began to wrap that also in pallet wrap until only the tube showed through.

Assured he was comfortable and breathing easily, I attached the ipod to the speakers and turned up the sound, slave was now lost in the mummified darkness unable even to hear me as I moved about. Every touch a surprise, sensations blending and contrasting. Similar to before I proceeded to tease slave’s exposed nipples and genitals with various toys, bringing him repeatedly to the edge of climax denying him release each time.

Eventually I removed the breathing tube and got a dildo, forcing into the hole in the plastic. Chuckling at the slobbery suckling noises coming from inside I fucked that hole forcing the dildo deeper inside as I teased slave’s cock. I took pity on slave after a while and allowed him to fall over that edge chuckling as I watched him shudder uncontrollably. I was left with one very spaced slave to unwrap πŸ™‚ He is hoping to be back next week.

I also had a longer session with a gentleman I have only seen once before but who has quickly become a favourite. I was delighted when he made the booking and had been thinking how I planned to torment him. I placed a blindfold over slave’s eyes and tied his cock tightly. Ordering him to put his hands behind his back I teased his very sensitive nipples with my tongue, laughing in delight as his moans filled the dungeon. I placed some cuffs on slave and directed him to move towards the sling.

Cuffing his hands to the sling chains, I got some weights and attached those to his balls…. swinging them gently, lifting them then releasing, teasing his nipples while I did. Slave was soon lost in sensation, groaning and growling as he writhed against the chains. Amused, I attached the cocktie to the chain as well so that every movement of the sling he leant against brought a tug to his weighted cock and balls.

Not wanting to leave his nipples unadorned, I fixed clamps to them. Weighted ones. Ordering him to lean forward so he felt those weights hanging I began playing with his already hard cock. I used a variety of things to draw a reaction from slave, on both his cock and his nipples. Vampire gloves, pinwheel, vibrator a few of the things at my disposal. And then I used something on slave that had him bucking and writhing against the intensity … and had me in fits of laughter watching his reaction. Dragging it over his sensitised nipples and over his cock, his balls I resisted his pleas to know what it was I was using. I assured him he would see what it was later.

Lubing up a gloved hand I relaxed slave’s arse with my finger before inserting a good sized metal electro buttplug inside him. Attaching it to the Erostek, I chose a setting I knew slave would find pleasurable and adjusted the levels till he was growling and barking. Literally πŸ˜‰ He said later he didnt know where he went (mentally) at that point. I repositioned slave on the floor, tying him spreadeagle and attached a point to his balls and the final connection, to the urethral probe which I inserted down slave’s cock.

As I played with the settings I was glad I had slave bound, watching his body twist and turn. Straddling slave’s face, I lowered myself till his face was pinned between my legs. Using my weight I began to smother him, pinning him in place unable to breathe as I alternately added to the sensations he was experiencing with some well placed slaps to the cock and the vibrator. Never one to forget, his nipples also received plenty of attention. Again, driving him wild with that unknown item. Eventually I felt slave’s struggles subside somewhat and allowed him to breathe.

Removing the electro, I made slave move to the sling planning to give his arse a good workout with my fist. Securing him in place I lubed his arse and began teasing it with my fingers. Before long my fist was buried deep inside him, a slow steady thrusting building in intensity and pace as slave begged me to punch his arse. I felt him spasm and gush around my hand as he had one of a few intense anal orgasms.

Finally spent, I released an exhausted and spaced out slave. So spaced he couldnt work out which door led to the bathroom πŸ˜‰ And this morning received a lovely email thanking me for such an enjoyable session. Β My pleasure ! Oh…. yes, he did find out what that secret item was πŸ™‚

After that I had a few hours to relax before participating in a scrotal infusion with friends in the evening. Interesting as well as a lot of fun, always good to learn new techniques to doing things. Broadens the application of them πŸ˜‰ I ended up taking 375 pictures of the event for them. I finally headed home around 9.30pm exhausted.

Tomorrow evening I have a friend coming over to play in the evening, that should be fun πŸ˜‰

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