6 December 2010

I had a call this morning from a gentleman I had not spoken to or seen before. He made a booking for this evening and after he arrived we had a chat about the type of session he wanted. One with roleplay for something different of late. A simple but effective one, a strict tone. He the errant slave that had not been seen for some time, me the incensed Mistress 😉

On re-entering the room with some equipment I found him in slave position. Laying down the equipment I asked slave why it had been so long since I last saw him. “I dont know Mistress”, the feeble answer. Demanding he stand up, I delivered a well placed slap to his face as he dared raise his eyes to me. Ordering him to keep them lowered I decided to instead remove his vision with a blindfold.

I taunted him, spitting on his face in between slapping his cock demanding he answered me as to his lapse in attention to me. He stammered unable to come up with a satisfactory response. I told slave that it didnt really matter why he had not been in my presence. What mattered was how much I had missed using him, and I planned to show him.

I ordered him to place his hands forward as I cuffed one then the other, before ordering him to stand legs apart so I could tightly bind that errant cock of his. His balls as well, I didnt want them to feel neglected. I stood before slave, spitting in his face as I grasped his bound balls tightly with my hand and pulled slightly, chuckling as he gasped and writhed. “Answer me now slave, where have you been?” I whispered in his ear. Finally he admitted the truth, he had been serving another Mistress. A sound slap delivered to his face shut his mouth.

Moving slave before the horse I positioned him over it, binding his cuffs to the base. His ass raised nice and high to receive the spanking I planned to deliver him. Again demanding he tell me why he felt the need to see this Mistress, I verballed slave in between sound slaps to his ass. Getting the strap I noted the rosy shade his flesh had turned, and after a few with the strap I instructed slave he would receive a final three strokes hard.

Once satisfied with his squirms and moans, I stood slave up and demanded slave tell me who he had been spending his time serving, after a few well placed strokes to his cock with the flogger he let slip her name from his lips. I laughed, so easy. I decided to teach slave a lesson and had him sit on the floor with his back to the pole in the dungeon. I cuffed his hands around it and removed his blindfold briefly as I wanted him to see what he was about to receive.

Walking deliberately to the bench, I picked up my strap on and harness and turning to slave as I put it on… advised him that his mouth had so far proven unsatisfactory so I planned a better use for it. I was going to fuck it with my cock. Slave’s eyes widened as he looked from me to the strap on. I slipped the blindfold back over his eyes and securely bound his head securely in place against the pole.

“Open your mouth slave” I ordered, spitting in it as he did. Laughing as he flinched I slapped his face hard, demanding he open his mouth again. As his lips parted I thrust my cock between them feeling his cheeks blocking it. Slapping his face again, I thrust harder till my cock lodged down his throat. His face against me, I held myself in position as he gagged and writhed unable to move or breathe. I slid out allowing him a moments respite, before ramming my cock back down his throat fucking his mouth hard, forcing him to gag and retch.

Growing bored with using slave’s mouth, I released him and ordered him to crawl out of the way as I set up the sling. I positioned him on it, hands cuffed, blindfolded, cock/balls tied taut and out of the way of that slutty ass of his. Slapping his cock a few times, I intermittently teased him with the Hitachi laughing as he realised he couldnt get away at all 🙂 Taking my cock, still well lubricated from his mouth I thrust it hard and deep into his ass causing him to moan loudly. Fucking him hard, I wanted to remind him who that ass belonged to. That it wasnt his to give away.

Gripping his cock hard, the Hitachi in my other hand pressed against the sensitive underside I thrust hard and fast into his ass watching him tense and start to shudder. I ordered slave to cum, telling him I was going to empty those bound balls of his so there was nothing of him left to give anyone else. Slave exploded into orgasm giving me exactly what I wanted. Finally.

I doubt it will be so long “between visits” 😉 Both of us had a lot of fun.

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