6 March 2011

Happy Mardi Gras everyone – hope those enjoying the parade/party had a fun and safe evening xxx

A few fun sessions the past few days. The first with a regular that Master Damion and I both see. His session being used for the slut he is. This time though we decided to add a roleplay, he had expressed interest in exploring more physical domination. Some take down play.

The scenario was that he had been arrested and was about to be interrogated by the arresting officers πŸ˜‰ The prisoner was firstly cleaned, before being sent off to the shower and processing. After which he was instructed to return and wait outside the dungeon door.

Hearing the prisoner return, he was instructed to turn his back and close his eyes. Opening the door, I slid a blindfold over his eyes while Officer Damion roughly grabbed the prisoner’s wrists hoisting them high as he cuffed them together. Informing the prisoner of his rights – or lack of them, we had to laugh as he demanded a lawyer. Slapping his face, demanding he opened his mouth I inspected the cavity, my fingers sliding far enough down the prisoner’s throat to cause him to gag. Shoving him through the open door into the dungeon, he was forced into position over the horse.

I wrenched the cuffs high into his back, kicking his legs even wider apart so that arse of his was exposed. Slapping him hard a few times across the buttocks I informed the prisoner that the only options he had were buckleys and none. Snapping on a glove Officer Damion returned, sliding a well lubed finger deep inside the prisoner’s arse as I questionned him about his arrest. He had been arrested for DUI and was suspected of also possessing drugs. Which of course he denied. And of course, we had to search for.

A mere finger probe producing nothing, other than more mouthiness from our prisoner I decided to delve deeper with my strap on. Β Officer Damion had other uses for that mouth. My fingers do not compare to a full cavity invasion by his cock. Soon prisoner was impaled between us, gagging as Officer Damion’s cock raped his mouth and mine his arse. Preparing him for prison, after all was the least we could do.

Prisoner was soon begging for mercy, pulling him off the horse we forced him down to the ground. Straddling his face and chest, I pinned him down as Officer Damion probed his anal cavity more thoroughly. At first with his fingers, then most of his fist…. before using a rather large dildo to ensure there was nothing hidden deeper. Prisoner had not been up to taking Officer Damion’s rather sizable fist and the dildo sent him over the edge unexpectedly. The boys in prison were going to love this one πŸ˜‰

Again we swapped ends as it were, my fist being somewhat smaller I managed to slide my way inside that tight hole satisfying myself that no drugs were being hidden up there before taking pity on a mostly spent prisoner. Even so, it didnt mean that they werent in the prisoner’s system. And we were yet to obtain a sample. The one before tainted as it hadnt been collected in a steriled manner.

Officer Damion began teasing the prisoner’s cock, while I whispered in his ear telling him all the awful ways the other inmates were going to make use of him. Before long, prisoner was exploding uncontrollably as we collected the sample we needed. Satisfied, he was sent back to the showers and processing to be allocated his cell. And we await the results of his tests…..

Another client I saw, visiting from out of town came in for a tie and tease with some strap on play. We started by tying up his cock and balls, a hood placed over his head eyes covered, and a gag tightly bound. Cuffing his wrists I attached them to the wall, arms spread. Kicking his legs apart I began teasing his nipples with my tongue, my fingers pinching them hard. Getting some clamps, I slowly attached one to each hardened nipple before tugging gently on the chain.

Without warning the slut ejaculated uncontrollably, much to my consternation and amusement. Chastising him for not mercying, he informed me he hadnt realised himself till it was too late. Giving him a moment to compose himself, I informed him that I was not finished using him yet.

Moving him into position in the sling, I attached the cuffs to the chains before spreading his legs wide in the stirrups pulling his arse down close to me. Taking a small strap on I lubed it up, sliding it inside his arse. Fucking him slowly, building a rhythm until he was begging for mercy.

Given his lack of discipline earlier, it was hardly surprising the anal play had lost the edge for him. He was a tad sensitive much to my frustration. Instead I decided to work on that self discipline, teasing his cock instead of his arse. Getting him to the edge and keeping him there until I finally allowed him release, watching as he once again exploded all over himself.

Removing the nipple clamps, somewhat unkindly… I informed the undisciplined slut that next time he came in, he was to have a wank beforehand. Improve his ‘endurance’ Β πŸ˜‰

Something I havent had the chance to do for a while, slut training. A new client came in wanting to be physically dominated, treated like a slut, used. Just what i love. An eager slut.

Once showered, slut was instructed to await my return to the dungeon in slave position. Lucky for him he was in position when I came back. Ordering him to stand, I slapped his face instructing him to keep his eyes down and only to speak when instructed.

Taking some panties, a suspender and some stockings I had with me… I dressed my little slut accordingly. His bottom looked so fetching in the sheer black panties. Especially when I had him prancing around wiggling it for me. A bottom like that deserved, and got a sound spanking leaving it a rather rosy glow.

Forcing the slut down to his knees, I took my cock and forced it inside his mouth. My hands on his head, instructing him to deep throat that cock. My hands pinning his head as I increase the pressure, forcing him to gag. Releasing his head, allowing him a gasp of air before forcing that cock back down his throat again. Fucking that mouth over and over until it was slathered with drool.

Getting him down on all fours, I moved behind him kicking his legs wide open. Taking my knife I cut the panties from around his legs allowing me better access to that arse. Lubing up the strap on, I thrust it deep inside him fucking him hard. Fast. Like a slut. Ordering him to hump my cock, beg for it, tell me what a slut he was I fucked that hole until he was begging for mercy instead.

Kicking him over onto his back, telling him to play with his cock. That Mistress was going to mark her territory and cover the slut in piss as well as his cum. Laughing as his cock twitched at my words, I slipped my panties off standing over the well used slut. Watching him furiously pumping that cock of his, listening to him beg … I released my bladder covering him in piss.

Hearing him beg for release, I instructed him to cover himself in cum… just before he exploded everywhere. Lucky for him πŸ˜‰ I was almost tempted to send the slut home covered in juices, reeking of them… but took pity on him instead and allowed him to shower.

He was rather spaced when he left, loved the session saying “You knew exactly what I wanted.” I should hope so πŸ˜‰

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