25 January 2011 – part 2

Finally, a more thorough update 🙂

Firstly though – exciting news. The fucking machine is back in the dungeon and available for use. I am much looking forward to using it on some anal sluts.

Today’s session was fun. Mistress training for a change, and the lady in question was also able to bring along her own sub to practice on. We had talked before the session about what she may wish to learn, but when we met in the dungeon that had changed. Instead she had decided to focus on anal and fisting primarily, with some CBT towards the end depending on time.

Firstly I showed her how to administer an enema, not something everyone does in personal play depending on the level of anal. Once her slut was cleaned out, we got him into the sling. Gloving up, we lubed his arse and then took turns playing with him, relaxing the muscles as I instructed her on how to build up the rhythm, relax him and finally working her hand inside him.

When slut had taken enough anal play we sent him off for a quick shower before restraining him against the wall, tying his cock and balls, I had my trainee also do the same afterwards. Teasing his cock a bit, explaining the mix of pleasure and pain, contrasting sensations… we alternately slapped, flogged, pegged, teased, caned his cock. Building slowly from lighter to more intense, finishing with a rather bruised cock from one of my favourite little toys 😉

The session was fun, and the lady in question pleased commenting that she hoped to return. The gentleman I did feel a little for, the session was not the regular ‘play session’ so while he had the attention of two ladies for an hour he didnt quite attain the same headspace he would have with less talk and more action. Lucky it wasnt about him this time 🙂

Yesterday I saw a gentleman new to me but not the dungeon as he normally sees Master Damion. Again a fisting session, but one of the level I dont think I have ever experienced before. And I have done some intense fisting sessions. Even punching my closed fist into someone’s arse, driving it in and out the whole way.

The gentleman himself a character with some unique and lovely tattoo work on his cock and arse. He does not get restrained and through the session wriggles into different positions. We started however, with him on the sling on all fours. His nicely tanned and shaven arse spread wide before me. Taking a short cane I gave him six sharp canestrokes to his arsehole.

Teasing his arse with my gloved hand, sliding my lubed fingers inside it wasnt long before the whole hand followed and the slut before me was going off, bucking against my hand. Teasing his arse with the one fist for a bit to really loosen him up, I cupped my hands and started sliding both inside. Which was what he really wanted, both fists buried in that arse of his filling him up. I started to fuck him with my fists, hard, fast, slow, punching inward, pulling outward, angling my arms out to stretch him even wider.

For an hour we alternated fists, angles, rhythms until both of us were exhausted and bathed in sweat. Talk about an excellent upper body workout 🙂 Slut was beside himself, squirming, yelling, moaning, bucking until spent himself. Easing up on his arse, I turned my attention to his cock. Having taken so much he was due a reward. I teased him slowly until he was about to explode, slipping my other hand back inside him again as I fucked his arse at the same time. Slut finally exploded all over himself… much to my satisfaction 😉 I do look forward to seeing this gentleman again…

And the other week, I had a friend come play. We have played before and I do like to push him 🙂 I usually have a gameplan but sometimes that goes out the window when we start lol. This time I decided to focus more on nipple torture than I have in the past, whilst he was cuffed and blindfolded to the cross at home.

Pegging his skin all around the nipple, I teased the actual nipple sensitising it with vibrators, pinwheels, and the like. When he was moaning and obviously in a nice space, I added some clover clamps to the nipples. Allowing him a moment to adjust before adding some weights to those. Again, pulling against them, lifting and swinging weights, slapping against the nipple.

Pushing him against the cross, I turned my attention to some discipline. Spanking and strapping his arse, flogging his back working up from thuddier to stingy. Interestingly though, for once – he escaped the cane. My mind was already moving elsewhere. We had a slight break, then I got him into position laying on the bench I have at home.

I had planned out a design earlier in the afternoon I wanted to recreate with needles. Once I started though, it kinda took on a life of its own and ended up in 175 needles. Ooops. Mind you talking later, he said he was in the best space he had been ever with needles having done a lot with me in the past but never that many.

We finished up, once the needles were removed and he had showered… with some anal play. Starting with a good fucking with some toys, and moving to finish off with a rather intense fisting 😉

As I said earlier, there are some pics up on the gallery of the needlework at least. Unfortunately no pics of my boots, I forgot :/ Next time I am in the dungeon I shall take some.

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