11 September 2011

Wow, long time between posts. Too long :/ I shall endeavour to write more regularly in future.

The Monday Special has been popular, keeping me busy in the dungeon along with other sessions. Also been busy catching up with friends, investigating a study course I want to do and dealing with family commitments. Been loving this awesome spring weather of late too making the most of the opportunity to be outside soaking up the sun.

Had some fun doubles with Master Damion over the past 6 weeks, as well as seen some fun new regulars. It must be spring/warmer as golden showers seem more in demand lately 😉 Cross dressing has also been featuring in the dungeon of late, mostly partial with some sexy looking sluts in lingerie at my mercy for lots of face fucking and anal rape with various dildos and my fist/s. A few more of my former clients have also managed to track me down and paid a visit for some fun. And not least of all I have had some fun play with friends, posted some videos to another site I am on. Contemplating upgrading this account so I can share some here.

I caught up with a favourite of mine, the first time he came in was not so successful. He wasnt well and we had to cut the session short much to his embarassment. We rescheduled a few weeks later and it was a hoot, this gentleman never fails to amuse or entertain me. And as he had been busy with work, the stress release was much needed on his part.

Lots of fun had with my cop roleplay regular for some fun in the ‘cells’. A few tie and tease type sessions with new clients, one of which impressed and amused me at the same time. A 78 yr young gentleman who naughtily confided as he left “I wonder what my daughters would think if they knew. I’m telling the son-in-laws !” Love it ! Love the attitude a lot of older gentlemen have to life and experiencing all it has to offer.

Also a new client into strap on play, one to take advantage of the Monday Special. I have seen him a couple of times now, hawt young tradie and lots of fun to tease. Looking forward to tomorrow when he may get more than he bargained for – I certainly hope so 😉 Another of my regulars also came in for some fun, his session lots of nipple torture and anal. We always have a ball and I look forward to his visits.

One of my regulars of some four years now made it up from Melbourne. His sessions usually end up in 4-6 hr marathon sessions, the content usually left to my discretion. So its a lot of fun, I get to plan and surprise him, usually fucking with his head at the same time. This time i had him prepare and bring fish hooks with him. His concern was understandable, we have done them before 😉 I had to laugh though when blindfolded and bound, he started freaking out as I inserted the needles into his balls for a saline infusion, thinking they were instead the fish hooks I was using 🙂

Another extended session with a fun gentleman I havent seen before, primarily slut training with forced rape, fisting and lots of nipple play. Unfortunately also a few sessions I was looking forward to cancelled for various reasons, no matter – next time gentlemen.

Looking forward to another busy week, some fun sessions already planned for tomorrow. I so so love Mondays 🙂