30 August 2012


Late as usual…. fortunately/unfortunately I have been very busy leaving me no time / energy to write.

Finally though, a day off. Enjoyed a nice 15km ride around the park before my hair appointment this morning.  If you are a local or work in the Parramatta area, and want a good haircut (male or female) my hairdresser rocks – Richard at Lichae R.D, 18 Phillip Streeet Parramatta (9687 1917). The salon also has beauticians available for various pampering treatments 🙂

Anyway. On to the fun stuff…

Caught up with a long time regular or two the past few weeks. The first was a lot of fun. He always is. This time when he was naked and ready for Mistress, I first put the hood over his head and laced it securely. Eye pieces in place, the slut was rendered vulnerable. I had him on all fours so I could insert the anal hook and tie it off to the collar around the slut’s neck. Pulling it nice and taut so he felt every movement 😉

I tried the headbox on him but it fits a smaller head than his. Instead I satisfied myself with cuffing his hands behind his back, attaching them to the winch and cranking that high enough to ensure he wouldnt be going anywhere. Not in a rush at least. A cocktie, some clamps to his nipples and he was ready for my amusement.

Starting off slowly I began disciplining his arse. Spanking, the crop, the strap. Giggling as I watched him squirm and wriggle on the hook trying to get away as I teased him in between. Eventually I took pity on him and released him, removing the hook and positioning the slut in the sling instead.

Starting with a small strap on, I began teasing his arse fucking him slowly. Using the Hitachi over his cock and the one buried in his arse I tormented him till he was flailing around not knowing what was happening *grin*. Swapping to a larger cock, I fucked the slut until he could contain himself no more and came everywhere.

More fun also with another reg, again more anal play but this time with plugs and the erostek for some added amusement.  A lot of horny talk, different sized plugs and my hands all building the slut up to a rather explosive orgasm.

Managed to catch up with another fun slut. Once he was blindfolded, his cock tied, he was cuffed to the sling. Teasing him from behind getting that cock of his nice and hard, his nipples too. I moved him to the floor and delivered a golden shower in his mouth, before repositioning him in this sling. His arms cuffed, legs in the stirrup straps.

Teasing his cock with some sounds, my strap on buried deep in his arse as I fucked him slowly. Working up a good rhythm I fucked the slut harder, before changing to a bigger cock. Chuckling as he thrust back against the cock fucking it himself, I slid the sound in and out of his cock pressing the vibrator against it.

Deciding to put the slut to a challenge I stopped fucking his arse and got him out of the sling. Moving before him, I instructed him to deliver a golden shower over my breasts. I had planned to make the slut lick up his own pee. Unfortunately for him he discovered it’s a lot harder to pee on command than he realised – stage fright! 😉  Something to work on. Instead he was allowed to cum receiving another from me.

Caught up also with another fun anal slut. This time though once he was blindfolded and bound, I had him positioned on the floor instead of the sling. We were aiming for depth this session and I wanted to try a few different positions to see how deep I could get my arm inside. Of course we worked up with a few dildos, having him on his back, on all fours, legs winched up above his head. All fours seemed to work best with me getting almost to the elbow 😉

As you can imagine I was left with a rather spent and spaced slut at the end *grin*. Not so spent he wasnt up for more this week, but thats for another update 😛

And finally, fun with a relatively new gentleman. Cute young thing who was lots of fun. Securing him to the winch, blindfold on, I amused myself disciplining him. Spanking, the crop, the strap, floggers over his arse and his back. Teasing his cock, some light slapping and nipple play. Getting him in a nice space before moving him to the sling and fucking that arse of his with a couple of my smaller cocks.  I look forward to seeing him again, I think we could have lots of fun trying various things 😉

This week has been very busy also – that I shall save for the next post though. Thankfully today allowed time to catch up on some other things, like haircuts and blogs 🙂


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