Busy 12mths…

Hope everyone had a great christmas and new year.

The last 12mths or so have been incredibly busy with both work and life. The move out to Parramatta and setting up there as well as a load of new clients out West, for whom travelling to the city and back for some fun was nearly impossible. My existing sluts have also enjoyed the new setup, not finding the location inconvenient, rather the opposite. The move also enabled me to drop my rate somewhat as Im no longer paying dungeon hire.

In between fun in the playroom, I also had a bike accident which resulted in a broken hand and saw me out of action for a few months last year, followed by moving to a new premises and then a busy lead up to the end of the year. Cant say life is ever dull !

Too many sessions to go into detail but I will be working my way through the masses of pics over the rest of the week and posting pic updates so you will get an idea 😉

Hope to see you soon for some fun !

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