Interesting read

A friend put me onto this lady’s blog the other day. Love what she writes and her way of putting things. I have read a few of her posts so far.

Thought I would share – Dear John…


I should say that whilst most gentlemen have genuine intentions, there are those that exhibit many of the behaviours described in the linked post. Something most in the industry can relate to. I doubt these gentlemen behave in the same manner towards the other professionals in their lives, their doctor, dentist, plumber.

Having said that – I count myself incredibly fortunate to have a clientele who I genuinely enjoy both as people and in a play dynamic. I think that shows in the fun we have together. For me it boils down to mutual courtesy and respect.

If a person cant show those outside the dungeon, I most certainly dont want them inside it. Conversely would you want to be at the mercy of someone lacking either…

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