25 October 2011

A fun start the other week with a greedy strap on slut. A short session but an intense one. After tying his cock and teasing him, he was well fucked in various positions. Standing with his arse out, against the pole, on all fours on the floor. He also got a further lesson in deep throating my cock, something that requires more practice. Eventually on all fours, my cock buried in his arse thrusting deep… the slut came exploding all over the towel beneath him.

I had the opportunity to see a couple of new clients, both gentlemen into very light sensation play for a change. I started with the first standing, leaning over the bench, blindfold covering his eyes as I disciplined his bottom. Keeping it on the erotic level I gave him a very light spanking, the strap and the cane.

Turning him over I proceeded to piss over his cock, I figured it wise before I attached the electro 😉 Tormenting him more as I played with the controls adjusting the sensations. Releasing him I bent him over the bench, sliding my strap on into that arse of his fucking him slowly.

Instructing him onto the floor, all fours I first released a stream of warm piss into his arse before telling him to roll over and open his mouth to receive the rest. He obligingly complied 😉  Positioning him in the sling, I turned my attention back to that arse and my strap on. Fucking him slowly until he came which of course he was forced to eat before being released.

The other gentleman was just as entertaining, being just as sensitive/responsive. I began by blindfolding him, tying his cock and teasing his nipples. Giggling as he trembled and quivered at the slightest touch I knew I would enjoy this slave. And I did, driving him wild with my vampire gloves amongst other things.

Another couple of new clients also came in for tie and tease sessions, roleplay and discipline. Another for a fun medical session including sounds, needles, electro, and saline infusion of the balls. Something I dont get to do every day 🙂

One of my favourite fisting regulars came in for a couple of sessions, both involving lots of nipple torture and anal play. My cross-dressing slut Janis also paid me a visit. Looking very sexy in a black miniskirt, her makeup and nails done professionally. I have lots of fun putting her to use, fucking that mouth and arse of hers.

Also a couple of erotic sessions with two horny sluts, both into being sexually dominated and used in various ways to please Mistress. I enjoyed both immensely. I always do 😉

Finally lots of fun with a long absent regular, due to work he has been interstate. I was pleased to hear from him recently announcing his return. Even more pleased to see him in the dungeon as we enjoy many of the same things.

I began tying his cock and balls, before attaching headphones. Over this went the gasmask and blindfold. Positioning him face down on the bench I restrained him, attached the music to the headphones then began to discipline him. Mixing it up with some breathplay and light teasing, he was soon quivering beneath my touch.

Inserting the electro butt plug he was soon doing more than quivering 😉 Re-positioning him on his back I attached the electro to his cock also. Taking a couple of sounds i slid first the smaller of the two down his urethra, then the other larger one. Pressing the vibrator against them, I slid them in and out teasing him.

Moving to the sling, I finished him off with my strap on. The horny slut however got so worked up he came before he was given permission. As its been quite some months between sessions for him, I forgave him his lack of self discipline 😉

4 Responses to “25 October 2011”

  1. Mistress Imogen, thanks again for the great time last week, hope to see you again soon. Promise to control myself next time 😉
    S xxx

  2. Is it wrong that I was hard before the end of the first paragraph? What a dirty lucky slut the first guy was.
    Thankfully I’m getting my boy-cunt regularly fucked these days too. And I love it.
    sev xx

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