Hopefully those in NSW have enjoyed their long weekend, i did !!! Below are some pics from the fun and games that have been keeping me too busy to update ! Not to mention the recent videos posted, a taste of what has gone on in session. Some of it rather funny.

Also over the weekend, one lucky slut was honoured with both Mistress Imperia and myself in a double session. It was great to catch up with not only an awesome Mistress but a long time friend, sadly with both our work schedules we dont get the chance to catch up as much these days.

Getting anyone to come out to parramatta is usually a challenge with varying schedules. I very much appreciated the effort she made, and we had a good giggle at slut’s expense for the afternoon. We finished off our abuse of slut by playing Hokie Pokie in his arse lol …. I’ve missed the comaraderie of working with other ladies I realised… or maybe just with her haha.

Enjoy the pics and hopefully I will see some of you soon 😉

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