19 March 2012

Lots of hawt and horny sessions since I last wrote.

A few fun fisting sessions, always something I enjoy. One gentleman taking not only both fists but then one up to mid forearm for the first time. A rather intense session 😉

Another a switch session, erotic play on me finishing with fisting on the gentleman. Again we went deep up the forearm much to his delight.

Speaking of switch sessions, I also had another opportunity to play on the Sybian. This time with another sub to share the fun, female of course 😉 I dont know what was more fun, having a turn myself or watching her on it for the first time haha. She had very wobbly legs after many orgasms and needed help to dismount 😉

Also had fun with my cop roleplay regular, I do love roleplay when the other party gets into it and dressing up… uniforms? cuff? baton? who wouldnt lol.

A couple of hawt sessions with another regular who needs to learn to not only better maintain his vehicle, but be more timely in his arrival. Both times he copped it, first time with me sitting on his back to discipline his arse before fucking it hard with my strap on. The second time his arse got a much bigger workout 😉

Another fun session started with the slut waiting for me blindfolded at the door. He had given me an idea of likes/dislikes but left the content to me. Dragging him in through the door, he was chastised and cuffed before being pissed on and thoroughly used.  Forced to eat his cum at the end, I inserted some anal beads before allowing him to dress and sending him on his way without a shower.

Last but by no means least, an extended session with a gentleman I havent seen before. We had arranged that when he knocked on the door he was to say he was here to check the fuse box. Another gentleman who did not want to know what was going to happen. I do love those sessions 😉

I answered the door in normal attire, with some rather sexy lingerie beneath. Allowing him entry and exclaiming confusion I waited till he turned his back. As he did, I threw a pillow case over his head, kicked his legs out from under him and brought a knife to his throat telling him to be quiet.

Cutting his clothes from him, I pissed all over his still encased head and left him there to think about what might come next. First he was dragged to the bathroom so I could clean his arse. Not because I planned on using it, I wanted to humiliate the slut having him release his bowels in front of me. And he did blush a nice shade of red, as I made him do so a few times 🙂

Next he was hooded and trussed to the pole to be tormented, needles thrust through his nipples to show him I had no sympathy for his plight. Releasing him, I bound him to the bench with headphones, gasmask, blindfold. Again leaving him to anticipate what I may have in store. Lots more tormenting and teasing, especially to those nipples of his.

Some more needles, hot wax over the top, cropping, clamps and finally…. sutures. His cock wasnt lacking for attention either, lots of needles and electro before again, sutures.  Pulling the suture string together and tying them off to the winch, which was gradually raised till I heard groans from the slut.

Finally I removed the sutures after teasing him somewhat, to clamp his nipples again. Teasing his cock with the hitachi, slut erupted in a rather intense orgasm. I was left with a much spaced and very delighted slut at the end. I was buzzing myself after all that 😉

Other than that, been busy rearranging the house with the departure of my housemate. And tonight I have plans for some private fun 😉

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