Possible Phone Issues

I have been informed someone had an issue getting through to me on the phone over the last month. At this stage, I havent heard that from anybody else.

I have been having some reception issues at home and realised recently my phone jack was bent, the phone not holding charge as displayed. Either of those could be the issue. Whether its ongoing is what I need to determine. I am getting (some?) calls and sms from people, but I have also had voicemail from calls I didnt receive.

I do not usually recommend email (mistress.imogen@gmail.com) as the more reliable way to contact me, however for the next few weeks at least I will check that regularly.

If you DO experience any issues with me not getting back to you after you call, sms or leave voicemail …. please send me a quick email with your number and I will get back to you as soon as I am able.

If you cant email, try an alternate means to what you did previously. If you rang, try an sms for example. Bear in mind I dont take calls in session, nor when I am on the motorbike.

I may have to find another spot at home to park the phone until I determine whether there is an ongoing issue.

I would hate to miss out on having some fun with you 😉

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