13 February 2012

So, where to start….

Fun with a regular who loves sensory deprivation. First I put the earphones on him, gasmask, blindfold, tied his cock and balls securely before attaching a collar and leaning him over the bench to insert an anal hook. Satisfied, I restrained him face down attaching the ipod to the earphones drowning out any sound other than the music.

Starting off with a sound spanking, strap and birch, I warmed his bottom up till it was a lovely shade of pink. Turning him over and removing the anal hook, I replaced it with the electro plug and cock rings. Some clamps on his nipples, before  tormenting him with some hot wax and the crop on both his cock and nipples. After teasing him relentlessly I moved the slut to the sling and finished him off fucking his arse with my strap on.

Another reg came in for an extended session, I always have so much fun with this gentleman. I especially like when I get him to growl 🙂 This time though I went to town on his nipples with hot wax, various clamps, the crop until they were well reddened. His arse also got a good workout with some big toys, then my fist…. and then both. He has on occasion taken both fists but only for a few moments, this time we pushed that and he got a good fucking with both a few times causing him to orgasm over and over. A rather spent slut was left at the end 😉

A new client also stopped by, he had not tried any of this before so I basically gave him a light tie and tease which he loved. I blindfolded him, restrained him to the wall with some cuffs, before tying his cock and balls securely. Some clamps on his nipples before delivering some light discipline to his arse. When it was nice and pink, I placed him on all fours before pissing in that arse of his then fucking it with my strapon. Some light trampling and face smothering soon had him cumming.

Another favourite also came in. Blindfolding him, inserting a ball gag in his mouth, I clamped his nipples with some rather nasty clamps. Restraining him on the bench I attached the electro plug and cock rings. His arse got a sound disciplining as I played with the electro controls tormenting him. Finally I released him and positioned him on the floor so I could fuck that arse of his with my strap on. Replacing my cock with my hand, I worked it almost all the way in fucking him as I did until he exploded in orgasm.

It was fun catching up with my leather fetishist too. I had him kneel while I affixed a leather hood and tied his cock and balls. Some clamps on his nipples before I began teasing him with my leather gloves, running them over his naked flesh, teasing his cock. I bent the slut over the horse and spanked him with the gloves, before using the leather crop and strap on him. Getting him down on all fours, i fucked his arse with the strap on before smothering him with my leather skirt, ordering he wank till exploded.

Also had loads of fun with another new client, this time somewhat experienced and into mummification and breathplay primarily. Firstly I had to wrap him in black pallet wrap. I started with his torso, finishing with his arms and legs before I bound him again to the bench. Cock tied, gasmask on, I started to play with his breath controlling it through the hose. Alternately teasing his cock and nipples I attached the electro and teased his cock further with some sounds.  I am looking forward to seeing him again, we did discuss some other stuff for next time 🙂

Another reg popped in for some electro fun. The rest of his session some light anal and tease, he has a thigh fetish. This time though he also wanted to try some needles, which he got through his cock and balls as well as his nipples. I finished him off straddling his face, teasing him with my thighs until he exploded.

Caught up also with another favourite of mine, my cross-dressing slut. He looks so cute transformed, he has the sexiest legs and arse in panties, stockings and heels. Such a delight to discipline and fuck. Another reg also came in but this time I was at the receiving end with him bringing his Sybian. A very intense session, leaving a rather exhausted and sweaty me 😉

A short strap on session with another favourite reg finished off the week, with various commitments we havent been able to catch up for a while so it was a hawt session that ensued. Cuffed and blindfolded, I teased the slut before fucking him slowly with my strap on. Finally allowing him to cum, provided he eat it off my hand afterwards which he eagerly did. Might be able to train him yet….

Saturday night was fun, went out with friends to watch my housemate’s band play. A rather late night ensured a very lazy day yesterday recovering. Now looking forward to the week ahead 🙂

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