Booking Fee

Due to an unprecedented amount of time wasting wankers making fake bookings, first time clients will now be required to pay a $50 deposit fee to secure a booking. This only applies to the first session to ensure those bookings are genuine.

Regrettably its the only way to weed the wankers out from genuine clients. This will NOT affect existing clients. The deposit may be paid by paypal or by cardless cash for those wanting no record of spending. Contact me to arrange payment.

I will also in future be publishing these idiots phone numbers, name and shame. I already list them on caller id sites for ANY person (friend, lover, wife, employer) to find should they google the number but will be also doing so on my own site from now on too.

Im running a business, not a kindergarten and genuine clients miss out from others’ childish behaviour.

Caning Technique

Caning Technique Posted by: Simon Blackthorne

September 1, 2014


Caning Technique

It requires remarkably little strength to deliver a memorable cane stroke. Think of it as a whip, not a stick. Think badminton, not tennis. Wrist alone (if your wrist is strong and supple) will be enough to satisfy many bottoms. Wrist and forearm combined suffice to deal an exhilarating cut. A wrist flick right at the end of the stroke can be devastating. Chastisers used to hold a book (try a Bible, if you’re very kinky) under their caning arms to limit the power of their strokes. A saber-stroke-style slash with shoulder, elbow, and wrist all fully involved is probably over-doing it.

Practice on a cushion upholstered in a nappy fabric (or a teddy bear) so you can see where you’re striking. Aim a few inches short of the edge of the pillow because a power stroke will reach further and wrap around more. Begin with the cane up next to where you want to strike, tap, draw back, and let it return mostly by its natural recoil, applying very little additional strength. Gradually increase the involvement of your wrist and then your elbow. Start the stroke further away from your target but continue to begin each stroke by drawing back, allowing the cane’s end to achieve maximum travel. Your goal is an even impact of about the last third of the cane’s length. You don’t want the tip to cut in. Once consistent accuracy has been attained, you can develop fancier strokes in your own personal style. After you’ve achieved control, practice on your partner’s clothed hindquarters. Use a wide, thick belt to protect the lower spine and kidneys. Insist on detailed feedback. You’re looking for an “Mmmmm!” You might chalk the end of the cane to tell exactly where your strokes land. British school prefects used to do this as an aid in striking repeatedly in precisely the same spot, a sadistic practice that is extremely painful and may result in deep, long-lasting bruises. Spread your strokes around.

Stand to the side and a bit forward of your target, so that the far buttock won’t receive the brunt of the blow. The ideal is an even stripe across both buttocks. Since this is difficult to achieve, you’ll want to move from your forehand to your backhand side periodically, in order to evenly treat both cheeks. The sulcus, or crease between the buttocks and thighs, is extremely sensitive, as are the backs of the thighs, because they lack the natural padding of the butt. If you intend to stimulate these areas, decrease the velocity of the strokes you direct there.

Stroke Variation

There are two main schools of caning technique. English-style traditionalists insist upon power strokes only, with no warm-up, while the West Coast school enjoys inflicting a variety of intensities. Many sources insist that there is no middle ground in caning — that strokes are either wimpy or wicked. Striving to please my partner, Rebecca, who loves to receive the cane but has a low pain threshold, I have proved that moderate strokes are possible with practice and sensitivity to each individual cane’s response.

A cane has a natural rhythm, useful for delivering a massage of rapid pitter-pats. An educated wrist can endlessly vary the intensity, unexpectedly interspersing harder shots to keep the bottom alert. This massaging technique is an excellent way to learn to control the impact and to stimulate sensitive but delicate areas where a full stroke would be dangerous, e.g. palms of the hands, soles of the feet (bastinado), insides of the thighs, armpits, belly, breasts, and genitals. The narrow tip of the cane is perfect for tickling those hard-to-reach spots. Such rap-tap-tapping is a great warm-up for power strokes.

Severe strokes demand ceremony, both in giving and receiving. For some, formal ritual is an essential element of caning. The ceremony begins with the commands, “Unbutton. Let down. Assume the position.” Dangling shirttails are “taken up,” tucked or pinned out of the way. The drawers may be slowly, humiliatingly lowered by the chastiser, or left up with a promise to lower them if the culprit proves unruly. A fearsome whistling swipe through the air puts the subject in the proper frame of mind.

The position is usually bent over, so that errant strokes will miss entirely rather than impacting the lower spine. (But aim low to avoid the tailbone.) Bending over tightens the flesh of the buttocks so that the stroke is felt more keenly. Lying prone is a good position for subjects of novice caners because downward strokes are easier to control, and unstretched buttocks are more padded. A pillow may be put on the far side of the target area to harmlessly absorb any wrap-around.

Power strokes must be slowly served and savored. The pain is two-fold: the surface smart at the moment of impact and the delayed internal fire as the compressed nerves spring back. To masochists, the sensation of a perfect stroke is as exquisite as an orgasm, and one has been known to lead to the other. Allow plenty of time for full appreciation of the blooming pain’s slow burn before you deal the next one.

Strokes are awarded in sets of six. Counting by the culprit is key. “One. Thank you Sir/Ma’am. May I have another?” Penalty strokes are awarded for miscounting, flinching out of position, or attempting to shield the target area with a hand. Bondage is seldom employed, since voluntary submission is an essential part of the correction ritual.

Decorative Results

It is customary to create a closely spaced grid of parallel stripes, each welt bearing twin red edges, to demonstrate your superb control. An expert caner is capable of producing stripes that will last for hours, days, or weeks, according to the recipient’s pleasure.

“Gating” is the fiendish technique of crossing such a pattern with a diagonal stroke, often drawing blood where the stripes intersect. (Obviously, if blood is drawn, the cane must be carefully plastic-bagged and disinfected, but it’s a rare bottom who hasn’t had enough well before this point.) Schoolboys returning to their dormitories after a session with the headmaster, used to rate the severity of their thrashings by having classmates count the number of “stars” on their bottoms, where strokes had crossed.

Afterward, the culprit may be required to hold position and forbidden to rub the afflicted area until permission is granted to rise. It is customary to kiss the cane and express gratitude for the exertions of the chastiser.


Source: BDSM Article – Caning How To Guide – WastelandBlog



Your Brain on BDSM

Why Getting Spanked and Tied Up Makes You Feel High

There’s no denying that understanding how the human body works can lead to some intense sex. After all, as clichéd as it is, the brain is the biggest erogenous zone—and BDSM is no different.

It may conjure up images of bondage, discipline, sadomasochism, dominance, and submission, but many BDSM practictioners attribute the pleasurable pain of their fetish to the endorphin rush that accompanies the acting out of their fantasies. There’s even a word for the state of a submissive’s mind and body during and after consensual kinky play: subspace, often described as a “floaty” or “flying” feeling.

“For all of us, endorphins bind to opiate receptors to naturally relieve pain,” explains Maitresse Madeline Marlowe, a professional dominatrix who also works as a performer and director for, a leading BDSM content
producer. “Since BDSM play can include power exchange and masochistic acts, endorphins are one of the most common neurotransmitters [produced].”

As far back as 1987, leather activist and author Dr. Geoff Mains hypothesized that BDSM activity stimulated the release of endorphins, but scientists have yet to tease out the exact relationship between neurochemicals and S&M. But subspace does exist: Dr. Brad Sagarin, founder of the Science of BDSM research team and a professor of social and evolutionary psychology at Northern Illinois University, has compared it to runner’s high, the sense of euphoria and increased tolerance for pain that some joggers feel after a long run. Except, obviously, one is caused by the asphalt flashing beneath your feet, the other by a whip swishing through the air.

In a 2009 study titled Hormonal Changes and Couple Bonding in Consensual Sadomasochistic Activity, Dr. Sagarin discovered that cortisol levels increase in subs and decrease in doms over the course of a scene. The effect was replicated in the research team’s subsequent research: One 2016 preliminary study which measured the brain’s executive functioning (i.e. basic control of our thoughts, emotions and actions) after participating in BDSM; and another that found that participants in the extreme S&M ritual known as the Dance of Souls (involving temporary piercings of the skin with weights or hooks attached) exhibited increases in cortisol throughout the ritual.

“Like many potentially stressful or extreme experiences (e.g., sky-diving, fire-walking), individuals’ bodies react to that stress when they engage in BDSM,” Science of BDSM researcher Kathryn Klement told Broadly. “We interpret these cortisol results to mean that when people engage in BDSM play (as the receiver of sensations) or extreme rituals, their bodies release a hormone usually associated with stress. However, we’ve also found that people subjectively report their psychological stress decreasing, so there is a disconnect between what the body is experiencing, and what the individual is perceiving.”

For their 2016 study on brain functioning, Klement admits that the team didn’t directly measure brain activity (“that would require an fMRI, which would be tricky to incorporate into a BDSM scene”). Instead, they had
participants complete a Stroop test—a neuropsychological assessment commonly used to detect brain damage—before and after a scene. “Bottoms do much worse on this measure after the scene, while tops show no difference,” Klement says.

They inferred from the study that the changes in executive functioning were as a result of the brain redirecting blood flow from higher-order functions to lower-order functions. Writing in the Guardian, Dr. Sagarin revealed that
this “temporary impairment of the brain’s executive function capability” was often accompanied by “feelings of floating, peacefulness, time distortion, and living in the here and now.”

“We interpret these changes to be evidence of subspace, an altered state of consciousness that people who are receiving sensations (the bottoms) can experience,” Klement says. But what about the psychological subspace felt by those experiencing nonphysical play, such as humiliation, pet play, and other fetishes? According to Marlowe, this is where an understanding of behavioural psychology comes in handy.

“In the context of humiliation and pet play, classical and operant conditioning play a huge roll in how these types of fetishes play out. Classical conditioning, made famous by Pavlov’s dog experiment, involves placing a signal before a reflex,” Marlowe explains. “Let’s think of it in a scenario where the domme and sub are enjoying puppy play. The domme may present a signal of a click of her boot, which will lead to the privilege of puppy licking the boot clean. The click of the boot is a neutral stimulus paired with an unconditioned stimulus of licking the boot clean. It is a learned response.”

Operant conditioning, on the other hand, involves reinforcement or punishment after a behaviour. “In the context of humiliation, it can be used to punish and then reinforce a behaviour until it is made right. Let’s say a submissive shows up to be pegged. They made a choice not to shave their derriere hole, [even though the] domme prefers a shaved hole to peg. Instead of getting the pegging session of their dreams, they are humiliated by their domme. I guarantee the next time they arrive to play, that hole would be baby soft. [And] once the sub gets the pegging play of their dreams, it reinforces the voluntary choice to shave.”

Snow Mercy, a pro-domme with a PhD in biochemistry, has done a survey of peer-reviewed research and apart from Dr. Sagarin’s study, she says there is a dearth of academic literature and empirical data on the relationship between biopsychology and BDSM. “I cannot say I’ve used the science of neurochemicals to create a more
thorough scene [but] I love studying the science of BDSM,” she says. “I find that BDSM research is a relatively new field. No other studies have been published that show the relationship between BDSM and neurochemicals,
from what I can tell.”

Indeed, most modern academic studies on BDSM are far more focused on questioning and debunking its association with psychopathology. Conversely, one of the earliest reference books on sadomasochist
behaviours and relationships, Psychopathia Sexualis, by Richard von Krafft-Ebing in 1886, dismisses the practice and its practitioners as pathological—a trend that continued in the field of psychiatry under Sigmund Freud and other eminent psychiatrists of their times.

In 2006, results from a research project by Dr. Pamela Connolly involving 32 self-identified BDSM practitioners surmised that “although psychoanalytic literature suggests that high levels of certain types of psychopathology should be prevalent among BDSM practitioners, this sample failed to produce widespread, high levels of psychopathology on psychometric measures of depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsion, psychological sadism, psychological masochism, or PTSD.”

Connolly’s findings are supported by a 2016 Dutch study of 902 kinksters, published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, which concluded that the BDSM practitioners were “less neurotic, more extraverted [and] more conscientious” than the 434 respondents in the control. Evidence that BDSM leads to favorable psychological characteristics. Will academics now turn their sights on the particular psychology and biochemistry occurring during the scenes? Klement says her research team is certainly interested in branching into oxytocin based on their work “indicating that BDSM partners experience increased relationship closeness during scenes.”

Further studies into the role that endorphins play in relation to subspace and BDSM in general may also be on the cards. “We haven’t explored these substances in relation to BDSM, so we can’t comment. However, it is possible that changes in these chemicals relate to bottoms’ experiences of sub-space,” she says. Mercy certainly expects to see future research done on the relationship between brain activity and S&M activities. “With the destigmatization of BDSM,” she says, “I hope to see more studies on the physiology of this practice.”


Source: Your Brain on BDSM. Why getting spanked and tied up makes you feel high.



Antics 26Feb19

Antics 26Feb19 Fun roleplay with one slut, caught him cheating on his wife. Some verbal humiliation while he was positioned hands on head, his arse disciplined and told his punishment. That included caning his hands and his ass over the knee, till rosy pink. Followed by repositioning him on the bench to receive 18 strokes of the cane before he was sent on his way, suitably chastised.

Another received some nipple torture and discipline before being attached to the electro box for further torment on his cock and balls. Finally moved him to the sling before giving his arse a good fucking with various sized cocks.

Strapped another slut to the cross, cock tied, and weights attached before disciplining his cock with the cane. Placed his cock in chastity and moved him to the bench for some further torment, teasing slut until he begged to be released and allowed to cum. I took mercy on him, force feeding him his cum when he finally exploded.

Another slut was hooded and cuffed, cock and balls tied, spreader bar between his legs as he was at the cross. He was spanked and flogged, clamps attached to his nipples being pulled on intermittently for my amusement, as i squeezed his balls in my hands and slapped his cock till he couldnt contain himself any longer and was allowed release.

Finally a short intense caning with a slut today, light for me but not so light for him lol. Pics above, he did well though. 24 strokes of the cane, harder than last time and no warm up either. Hopefully he feels it for a few days 😛

Antics 22Feb19

Antics 22Feb19

Antics 22Feb19 fun with a new slut last night. Mummification, hood, gag, nipple and CBT play. He experienced the joys of electro play for the first time, and not the last going by his reaction.Some light anal tease on the floor, before moving slut to the sling and strapping him in, arms, legs and torso with leather belts. Nicely restrained I tormented him with the vibrator and more electro until he exploded over himself.

Antics 05Feb19

Antics 05Feb19 Some pics of the fun had over the weekend…


Pleasure and Pain

Pleasure and Pain

20/20 Pleasure and Pain video circa 2010. Video I participated in by NZ show 20/20 about the fetish scene in Sydney.

You can watch it at the following link:

 Pleasure and pain

Antics 07Dec18

Antics 07Dec18

Antics 07Dec18 busy week with late nights and early starts. Was great to catch up with a few of my favourite sluts too, always a joy to torment haha. A few new slut as well who proved good fun to tease. It was his second session ever so i was nice, this time.

Lots of anal play from tease, to strap on to fisting. A variety of electro play, a first experience for a few. Sensation play, erotic tease. Finishing off the week with some good ole discipline. Slut made me laugh when I saw his face after removing the mask I had on him, that goofy dazed happy headspace grin.

He was in the right mood to take what I delivered, and I think i needed to deliver it. More than him, I pushed him and was glad i did 😉 I have had a little smirk on my face most of the day thinking of him driving all day in his truck sitting on that caned arse lol

Some pics from last night’s discipline…


Antics 02Dec18

Highlights include some light breathplay with the gasmask, blindfold over the top. Cocktie and nipple clamps, with slut restrained face up on the bench. Weights to the nipple clamps and balls, some electro play and hot wax, changing clamps intermittently just for my amusement. Slut moved to the sling before some sounds and tease to his tied cock, then gradually relaxing that horny arse of his until he took both my fists.

Another slight restrained, some light discipline spanking and strapping his arse till it was rosy red. Moving slut to all fours I pissed in his arse then over his cock. Some light trampling over his cock and balls with my heels till i positioned him on all fours and fucked his arse hard with my strap on.

Fun with the anal hooks as well. The larger tied to the collar of another slut, blindfolded with gasmask and cock tied. He was restrained face down on bench for some heavier discipline with the straps and canes. Turning him over the electro torture continued with the electro sound and plug instead of the anal hook. Clamps on his nipples with weights, hot wax on his cock before he was alllowed release.

Mummified another slut with pallet wrap before strapping him down to the bench. Exposed his cock and nipples for further torment with some clamps, needles, hot wax and electro. Pissed all over his cock (after removing the electro lol) and straddling his face smothered his breath as i teased his cock to the point of exploding.

Another slut was blindfolded, cuffed, while i teased his tied cock before bending him over and shoving my cock down his throat laughing each time he gagged. Forcing him to finally take the whole length down his throat. Moving behind slut I fucked his tight arse with the now well lubricated cock until he begged for mercy. Laying him on the floor i allowed him to play with his cock bringing himself to orgasm while i pissed over it.

A new slut was blindfolded when i opened door to him. I had left out a blindfold and instructions to put it on before knocking. I led him into the playroom and ordered him to strip before i tied his cock and applied clamps. Some verbal humiliation, face slapping and spitting followed. A sound spanking delivered to his round butt before he was forced to his knees to suck my cock. Moving slut to the sling after, cuffed and legs spread I fucked his arse hard before I uncuffed him. Leaving the room, slut was allowed time to shower and get himself together before he left.

Perhaps next time we will actually meet 😉

Antics 27Nov18

Saw a client past week I havent seen for a while. Some heavy flogging followed by some intense electro play with the buttplugs and urethral sound. Finished him off in the sling with some strap on play.

Another slut into tease and denial was restrained to the bench, hooded and gagged before tormenting his cock to the point of cumming and stopping. Some clamps on the nipples, hot wax to his cock in between just to up the ante. Finally he was allowed to explode all over himself.

Some heavy discipline for another slut. Started with some spanking until his bottom was nicely pink, followed with an assortment of straps – leather to latex. Some floggers and whips, paddles and finished off with six of the best with a few different canes until he was nicely welted. I suspect sitting will be a challenge the next few days 😉

And this afternoon, a regular anal slut dropped by for some fun. Slowly working him up, relaxing his arse with my hands and a few toys including big dildos and a rubber fist I have. The body massager tormenting him as I worked it in and out of his arse until he was loose enough to take both my fists. Begging to cum, I allowed him release as I pummelled his arse with both hands.

I do so enjoy variety 😉

Antics 26Nov18

Some fun new clients the past few days. One of which was an erotic switch session I really enjoyed. I dont get to switch often enough these days, I miss it.

The other a funny slut that made me laugh, having asked for more intense play he found his idea of intense and mine varied wildly lol I suspected it would though 😉

Started off with him tied to the bench, hood on. Gave him a spanking, then some of the strap before turning him over for some electro play and some tease. Clamps on his nipples, pegs on his cock, the wartenburg wheel and some hot wax before tormenting him with the body massage wand (vibrator) with various attachments.

I was about to move him to the sling when his cock exploded all over him with excitement. Tsk, no permission ! no warning haha. Ah well, next time he needs to have better self control 😉

BDSM emblem

Something I stumbled upon, that I wrote about the BDSM emblem way back in 2002ish…

History of the BDSM emblem

The BDSM emblem is based on a design common in old Celtic artwork and often referred to as a Celtic Triskele (tris-keel). The Triskele has a varied history culturally, being used as a symbol in Celtic, Asian, Italian and Greek cultures. The triskelion (Greek for three legs) is a symbol of the sun intended to express motion.

The Triskele is one of Sicily’s symbols that first appeared on the coins of ancient Syracuse. Also called the Triskelion, it is an ancient sun symbol related to the four-branched version, the gammadion or swastika (called a tetraskelion). There is one major difference between the Sicilian and Celtic triskele. The Sicilian legs are bare and the Celtic legs are armoured. The emphasis is on the numeral three which for the Celts symbolized the principles of creation, preservation and destruction embodied also as the triple goddess, virgin, mother and crone, and the phases of the moon.

The Celtic triskele has a history of many meanings even in its original culture. The triskele has roots deep in Irish culture. The symbols signified Earth, Fire, and Water to Irish pagans. When the catholic missionaries came to Ireland they used symbols familiar to the pagans to persuade them to convert. The catholics taught that the triskele symbolized the Holy Trinity, the holy spirit, Jesus, and God.

The Triskele is a common symbol used in ancient Celtic design throughout Northern Europe and is especially associated with the Isle of Man where the ancient College of Druids was centered. The “Three-Legs” or Triskele is the national symbol of the Isle of Man and has a long association with Man. The Swastika has also a long association with Man and is found on a number of runic crosses. The description of the Three-Legs as a Swastika is found also in Germany in 1940s. It seems for the period 1920-1945, both symbols were loosely termed “Swastika” in cultural circles in Man and seem to have been closely associated with one another. Both symbols are still in use in Man today, but the close association has ceased to exist.

The Triskele is still today popular as a symbol of Celtic tradition and used by those who follow Celtic Pagan spirituality. The Emblem also resembles a 3-part version of the Yin-Yang symbol. Variations of a dotted version have a rich history in Asian arts, particularly in various Buddhist and Taoist traditions.

The Triskele is the basic shape of the BDSM Emblem, with three “arms” curving out from the center and merging with an encompassing circle. Not all Triskeles are BDSM Emblems. It is the details of the design that make it the BDSM Emblem. Not the basic shape.

The idea for the BDSM emblem itself was taken initially from the description of the ring from The Story of O. This design did not remain long, however, for various reasons, including possible legal action. Therefore, the idea of a design inspired by, but not identical to, the “O” design was borne. Instead holes instead of dots were used.

The critical criteria of the BDSM Emblem design are as follows:

1) The rims and spokes are of a colour indicating metal.
2) The rims and spokes are of uniform width with the arms rotating clockwise.
3) The inner fields are black.
4) The holes in the fields are truly holes and not dots.

The BDSM Emblem was created to allow BDSMers fearing persecution to identify themselves to each other secretly. The key words are “identify” and “secretly.” To aid in secrecy, the Emblem was created to look common enough not to arouse too much interest. To aid in identification, it was created with very specific and meaningful details.


Antics 21Nov18

Fun couple of bookings. The first with a regular, short and to the point. Started off with half a dozen cane strokes followed by a good fucking on all fours. Another half dozen cane strokes then slut was allowed relief as a reward.

Today I saw a new slut, we started off putting him some fishnets and pretty pink silky panties. Restraining him to the bench, blindfolded and cuffed I proceeded to match the colour of his arse to those panties. A nice rosy shade of pink after some sound spanking and assorted straps.

Repositioning slut onto his back, I had better access to torment his hard cock. Some electro pads, the electro anal plug had him writhing in pleasure. I put some clamps on his nipples and teased them and his cock and balls with the body massage wand, pulling back each time he got close to exploding.

Deciding he had enough, he was made to kneel cuffed and blindfolded while I fucked his mouth with my cock. Gradully I forced it down his throat until he was gagging on the full length of it. I was quite impressed by his deep throating skills. I put him in the sling, some tight pegs on his sensitised nipples and slowly fucked his arse until i was pounding him with that same cock and another larger one.

I released him and finished him off on the sybian, playing with his cock as i adjusted the controls both oscillating and vibrating till he begged to cum. Pleased with his performance so far, I gave permission laughing as his cock spurted all over the towel on the floor.

I’m not sure who had more fun, him or me 😉

Antics 16Nov18

Different spin on a couple of sessions the past few days.

The first a medical session focussed on incontinence play. While adult baby play is not my thing, I dont mind using nappies for either humiliation or sessions such as this. Started off with a general check up, including blood pressure, blood sugar, prostate before an enema was administered to the patient. Holding the enema he was placed in a diaper to ensure there was no unnecessary mess. A catheter inserted so he had no control over his bladder functions he was given a change of diaper before being sent on his way catheter and enema still in tact. I was hoping he hit peak hour and had a long drive ahead.

Also as posted previously, I got to use the latex vac bed with one of my regular anal sluts. Started off by inserting a rather large vibrating plug, the control of which was placed inside the vac bed with him – once vac sealed I was able to torment him with it via the controls haha. Whilst trapped I tormented slut with some sensation play using various implements and my hands, as well as the body wand massager over his cock and body.

Satisfied he had had enough, begging to be released I moved him to the sling and tormented his arse some more stretching him with some toys before sliding my fists in and out of his arse till he was screaming in pleasure. This slut is very vocal usually requiring the music be turned up to mask his cries. Finished him off on all fours fucking him from behind with a very large black cock I have, till he begged for release and came all over the towel beneath him.

And today fisting fun with another anal slut who manages to take both my fists, a few pics below ….

I love my work 😉


Note: Latex vac bed arranged for sessions on booking. Additional surcharge for use including set up and clean up time.



Slut vacuumed into latex bed. Sealed and immobile prime for torment.

Latex Vacbed

Latex Vacbed additional charge of $50, arrange when booking session.

Antics 13Nov18

Fun including one of my roleplay sluts yesterday, with me as HR officer. My employee sent to me for disciplinary action regarding some misconduct on the job. Groping female staff members to be precise.

The session commenced with the miscreant standing before me, being interrogated as to his behaviour. Being forced to explain his actions and why he was sent to me. Deciding to teaching him a lesson I humilated him. He was made to him strip naked in my office, I couldnt help but laugh at his soft cock. To teach him some obedience and respect for women I adorned him with a collar, leash and gag.

He was dragged into the bathroom before I pissed all over him, threatening him with allowing the other female staff to do the same. Returning to my office and forced him to his knees I made him suck and gag on my much more worthy cock.

Repositioned on all fours before i forcefully fucked his tight arse, he begged me to stop. So I did, he was sent on his way with no relief. I look forward to his next indiscretion, which I am sure there will be going by his employment file. He might well get the chastity device next time.

Also had a new slut to torment who proved to be quite the lightweight when it came to play. I could barely touch his pathetically small cock without him whining and getting over excited. His arse so tight I could barely get my smallest electro plug in. Instead i delivered some sound discipline for failing to please me.

After which he was tormented with some light sensation play using my vampire gloves and the wartenburg wheen, me laughing as he wriggled around under the restraints holding him in place. I finished him off on the sybian with the smallest attachment i have, until he begged to cum and exploded emptying his balls.

Today was spent tormenting a boot fetishist, making him lick and worship my thighhighs. When i was satisfied I restrained him to the bench, electro plug in place set to microphone. Picking up the rhythm of the music i laughed at his discomfort. Straddling his face I smothered out his cries and his breath while taunting him with the proximity of my boots which he couldnt reach. His cock was teased relentlessly, until he was given permission to cum.

Finished off with a fun discipline session primarily flogging all over, front and back with various whips until slut was red with the impact. Moved him to the sling and fucked his arse with a large cock milking him in the process. Oh dear, no orgasm for him …. my bad 😉 Slut was sent on his way looking slightly sunburned haha.

Antics 11Nov18

A couple of anal sessions, stretching with various toys and fingers before moving to some of my more challenging larger toys and ending with fisting. An erotic tie and tease with a long time regular I dont see often enough. Couldnt contain his excitement and exploded before he was given permission tsk lol Needs more practice in self control obviously.

A longer session with slut’s cock tied, weights added, nipple clamps and a spreader bar before he was restrained and given a good flogging, spanking, strapping. Moved him to the bench and restrained him before teasing him, then tormenting him with some pegs, wax, electro and needles.

Finished him off in the sling, light anal tease with some fingers before slowly fucking his tight arse with my cock until he begged for release. Took pity on him and allowed him to explode over himself before feeding him his cum 😉

One of my discipline sluts also stopped by for a bit of a thrashing. Started with a slow warm up, working through my floggers, crops, paddles, straps, from the lighter end to heavier. Finished off with a good going over with my canes. Six of the best with each. Slut left nicely welted. He should be thinking of me each time he sits down for the next few days at least haha

Bit of ball busting, which i dont get to do very often. Slut tied prone on all fours, cock and balls exposed while i delivered some well placed kicks with my bare feet. Built up the intensity of the impact pushing him to his limits before he was allowed to wank over my boots, then clean the mess he made with his tongue.

Also some humilation, spitting, face slapping, while slut performed some tasks for me – badly. His punishment entailing some strict corporal punishment. Shame he didnt earn any rewards, he was sent home without any release as a lesson for future encounters 😉

I can be nice, i can be nasty. Its up to you lol

Time Wasters

Be warned time wasters / those who make false promises…

Not only do I block your number so you never get another booking, but I also list your phone number with the caller ID apps marking it as spam with an appropriate notation such as “Time waster, makes fake bookings” etc.

That way you not only wont waste my time again, but you wont waste any other Mistress’ either.

**Those that are genuine reschedules/cancellations need not worry.

Antics 28Oct18

Antics 28Oct18

Antics 28Oct18 Fun session this evening with a sexy leather fetishist I have been seeing for some time now. Always a pleasure to torment him 😉