Availability & Friday Special !

Hi everyone, I have been very remiss updating again I know. The downside of being busy but I would rather be busy 😉

Firstly I wont be available Monday and Thursday day times until further notice. Evenings are still available those days.

If that is the only day you can do (for example you are travelling from interstate/overseas or otherwise cant make any other day) then please talk to me as I have some flexibility.

To soften the inconvenience, I have decided to run a special every Friday on all 1 hour sessions until further notice also. Please call to enquire.

That aside I have been having lots of fun in the dungeon with some dirty sluts. Lots of anal, needles, electro, breathplay, golden showers, discipline. A couple of sexy cross dressers as well.

Instead of trying to recapture it all in words so far down the track, I will instead be updating the gallery tomorrow night with more than a few new pics taken over recent weeks 😉

A picture tells a thousand words and all that ….

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