7 June 2011

Wow, didnt realise it had been that long between posts. I do apologise, but I have been otherwise busy having fun in the dungeon 😉

Before I go into some of the fun I have had, I wanted to allay any fears prospective clients may have about visiting me after viewing the pics on this blog. A couple of gentlemen recently have made me aware that the pics on here nearly deterred them from calling.

I have since taken some of the more extreme ones down. I do enjoy more extreme forms of play, but its not about extremity. There are many different forms I enjoy at various levels. The main thing I get off on is the dynamic with the person and the rapport between us. Getting into their head and having them in the palm of my hand. So yes, I do take as much delight in the lighter sessions such as tie and tease, orgasm denial, humiliation, roleplay and the like. And no, its not all about pain or torture 😉

Now that’s out of the way…

I have had some horny and fun switch sessions with one of my regulars. Both times we tried to mix it up a bit, although we usually start with my inserting an anal hook into his arse, attached to a collar. Reminds him of what is to come after he is finished with me. Usually we end with him in the sling and my fist buried deep in that eager arse. For his part, he has been exploring / learrning about discipline, sensation play, restraint and breast/pussy tease/torture on me. While a one hour switch session can be limiting (you can only do so much in a half hour each way), we have both had loads of fun and he has discovered a definite enjoyment of having me at his mercy 😉

Had fun with a new client, one who for a change did not want any restraint. This raised an eyebrow or two from me when he also requested heavy nipple torture, needles and electro. And an evil smirk knowing just how hard it was going to be for him to maintain his positioning.

I started off tying his cock and balls extremely tightly before placing a tight fitting latex hood over his head. The hood only has small nose holes and has an inflatable cock gag inside. Teasing his cock and nipples, getting him nice and hard before I led him to the bench and placed him in position. As a safety measure I placed one strap across his midriff to ensure he didnt roll off.

I began tormenting slave using assorted methods of torturing his nipples and cock. He made the most delightful whimpering noises as he writhed around struggling to maintain his position on the bench. I couldnt stop laughing, telling him it just made me want to hear those noises more 😉 He did cope very well with what he was given, he could certainly take the electro. However, the 18 guage needles through the nipples tested him. The boiling water through them pushed him to mercy. And I was having so much fun *grin*. After mocking slave for asking for a heavy session then mercying, I took pity on him and finished off with my fist in his arse. It had been a while, so it was something he wasnt sure he would be able to take. However, he managed nicely finally begging for release. Satisfied, I allowed him that reward.

Another new client I had a ball with was a young gentleman who was new to bdsm but curious. Interestingly after looking at my site, electro and sounds were two things he wanted to try. Not generally something someone new wants straight up, I had to admire his curiosity. We started off with some light discipline and restraint, some sensation play and teasing too get him into a nice headspace. He was very easy on the eye, and I had been looking forward to making use of that arse of his. Bending him over the horse I gave him a taste of my strap on, grinning to myself as I felt him thrusting back onto it.

Once I had made use of that arse, I lay him on his back and began teasing his cock with the sounds – he loved it. His cock rock hard as he began to writhe and moan. Replacing the sound with the electro urethral probe I also inserted the electro plug into his arse. Turning on the unit, watching his responses I played with the settings. Surprisingly he could take the electro quite high, not only take it but was getting off on it. Delighted I played with it some more till I found a setting he could handle yet still pushed him.

When I tired of amusing myself with his responses, I removed the electro. Instructing my new slave to wank, I removed my panties and stood over him. Releasing a stream of piss all over that cock sending him over the edge begging to cum. Of course I acquiesed, he had been so good 🙂 I suspect this was only the beginning for that gentleman…

Another switch session I had with a gentleman new to me was again most enjoyable. I have been spoiled the past month being able to switch a few times. Not something that happens often enough 😉 This gentleman wanted discipline, restraint, sensation play, toys and teasing each way. We had a good rapport and a very horny time. He comes to Sydney every few months, so I can look forward to a repeat.

One of my long time regulars came in to see me also. Its been a little while so it was good to catch up. He is a delight, his session slave training mostly. He is also into the discipline, golden showers, electro, anal and especially nipple torture. I love to focus on his nipples as that is what really gets him going, finding all sorts of new ways to do so.

Another new client referred by a friend has quickly become a favourite. And not because he comes bearing gifts – appreciated as they are, they are also not necessary. We have a good dynamic and loads of fun in session, he is a lovely gentleman. I need to thank my friend lol 🙂 While new to me this gentleman is otherwise experienced in some play. We have been getting to know each other, upping the ante each session. Mostly with the discipline and anal.

Last night he got a taste of a few new things – bastinado, the cane, electro.  I do enjoy pushing him to the edge then pulling back, not quite getting him to mercy. He is quite responsive and easy to read, I do look forward to exploring lots more play with him over time.

I also had the opportunity this month to meet another of the dungeon’s long standing clients, a gentleman from interstate. His session one of my favourites, heavy discipline. We started off with him mummified to the bench, slave was then told how many strokes of each implement he would be receiving. Slowly building him up to the cane. He had not had a session in a while, and did very well with what he managed to take. When I was satisfied with the red stripes on his bottom I rewarded him with some anal play, finally allowing him release at the end.

Another caning session I had was with one of my long term clients that again, I havent managed to see for a while. I adore this gentleman, he is very cheeky and we have a laugh in session. His session is over the knee spanking, followed by the strap and cane with some light anal tease in between. Constantly requiring chastisement for his cheeky demeanour slave is disciplined until he begs to cum, usually he is allowed…. although he never seems to learn his lesson 😉

Caught up with another client from a while ago, a gentleman I have only seen once before. We had a ball, and hopefully it wont be so long between visits. His session was mostly anal, fisting. And having been a while (mine was the last he took) he wasnt sure he would be able to take it. As I explained to him, its all in the headspace and getting him relaxed enough. He managed to take it, to his delight… a few times.

Another slave training session with a regular, this gentleman too is a lot of fun. Even though he is older he can take the play. I usually amuse myself with some flogging and CBT on him also. Nothing too extreme, although he does enjoy having his nipples bitten.

One of my regs that I dont get to see too often also stopped in, he was one of my first clients at my last establishment so I am fond of him as well as enjoying the session. He is primarily a leather fetishist, so I get to go to town in leatherwear. Skirt, top, gloves, hat, boots. He loves the feel and smell of it as much as the visual. Usually I start with him blindfolded (leather of course lol), while I run my gloved hands over his flesh, teasing his cock… and what a nice cock he has. I get the pleasure of also spanking that nice arse of his, again using the leather gloves. This time I also removed them, slapping them across his arse loving the sound each slap made. And the resultant moans. The rest of the time I spend teasing and tormenting him in various ways, smothering his face beneath my leather covered arse until he is begging to cum. How could I resist the sight of the slut covered in his own cum, of course I allow it 😉

I had the pleasure also of seeing a gentleman known to me, he finally managed to make his way in to the dungeon. We had a lot of fun with some discipline, humiliation, anal rape, cbt … finishing off with a golden shower pushing him over the edge.

In news outside the dungeon, I am hoping to have some new pics for the website soon. Of me, not play lol. Planning a photoshoot in the next week or two. Helps having a housemate who is not only a photographer, but also has his own studio 😉

Also I have deferred my Spanish course, loved doing it but I am dropping it back to one class a week which should be more manageable given how busy I have been of late. It also frees up another night for play in the dungeon.

Other than that, not enjoying this cold one bit. Thankfully for both myself and my slaves, the dungeon is toasty warm 😉

Oh and its my birthday next week, I will be spending it in the dungeon – some come visit me 😛

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