5 June 2012

The past few weeks have kept me busy with various things, the pending court case being one 🙂

Even so, I have still managed to find time to enjoy myself in the dungeon with some fun sluts.  One being a gentleman I hadnt seen before. We started with him hooded and cuffed, his cock and balls tightly tied. I stretched his arms wide and attached him to the spreader bar so slave could receive his discipline. His nipples clamped, he was spanked soundly, his cock and balls intermittently squeezed and pulled. Turning my attention to more than his bottom, slave received a good flogging all over his torso. First his back, before I repositioned him face forward on the spreader bar.

Tossing the flogger aside, I decided to pallet wrap slave to the pole. Securing him further I added some straps. Also some weights to his balls and a nice big red ball gag, just for the colour 🙂 Once satisfied with slave’s restraints I amused myself with some cock and ball torture, slapping, squeezing, pulling. Taking the Wartenburg, dragging it over the shaft and head before giving slave’s cock a few strokes of the cane.

Taking pity on a trembling slave, I released him and moved him to lay on his back on the bench. Again I secured him before taunting him with more torment to his cock and balls, also paying a bit more attention to those nipples of his. Finishing off, I allowed slave to experience the delights of the Hitachi after all he had taken quite a bit and pleased me greatly.

Another gentleman I had not seen before who proved to be most amusing and a delight. Starting with him blindfolded, I cuffed him to the headboard. Tying his cock and balls, I teased them as well as his nipples biting them gently. Attaching some weights to his balls, I used my foot kicking them softly to swing them back and forth as I continued to tease him, running the Hitachi over his cock.

When the slut was squirming I released him and repositioned him on the floor. Standing over him I delivered a golden shower to both his mouth and his cock. Ordering slut to stand, I moved him to the sling for some attention to that arse of his. Starting to tease with fingers and then the strapon, until he was moaning and squirming as I fucked that arse of his. Finally slut was allowed to cum, which he was then forced to consume before being sent off to the shower to clean himself up 😉

Also some horny fun with a few regulars. One such slut I sent off to the pub holding an enema, while I went upstairs to finish getting ready. Unfortunately the poor slut didnt make it to the pub and unbeknownst to me when I went back down stairs, had been waiting outside wearing the blindfold left for him.. clenching the whole time 😉  He was given permission to release, quickly lol

Once cleaned up and showered, slut was blindfolded, cock and balls tied, and restrained against the headboard. Teasing slut with some electro to the cock and arse to relax him, I clamped his nipples and smothered his face sitting on him. Removing the electro, I delivered a golden shower to the slut’s cock before getting him on all fours so I had access to that arse. Working my fingers inside his tight hole, sliding them in and out as I felt his arse relax. I moved him into a few positions, standing, on his back… all the while fucking that arse of his with my fingers and most of my fist.

A few times we got close to getting the whole fist in, but not quite. Slut is somewhat narrow, and also gets carried away playing with his cock at the same time which of course just makes it all that much harder – for me. Might have to keep those hands restrained  next time 😉  Nonetheless the slut exploded in orgasm, once he had recovered his sensibilities he was packed off to the shower.

Speaking of hands…. one of my favourite arse sluts also stopped in for some fun. I blindfolded him to begin with, tying his cock very tightly, clamps on the nipples before pallet wrapping him into the sling. Securing his legs, arms, torso I began teasing that arse of his with my fingers, quickly getting my whole fist inside.  Before the slut knew it, I had both in. He has taken both my fists before, each time slightly longer than the last. But not like this time, even I was impressed. he took both substantially longer.

Releasing his arms, I put gloves on his hands and handed him a sound. I know the slut fucks his cock and arse with all manner of objects at home, so he knew exactly what he was doing with it. However, at home he hasnt got Mistress fisting his arse at the same time 😉 I had to laugh at his reaction to both simultaneously, the whimpering “OH Mistresssss !!!” Just when he thought it couldnt get any better? lol

Finally when he was spent, not only having multiple anal orgasms but also ejaculating twice in the process. I lay the slut on the floor before delivering a final golden shower into his mouth. Being fisted is thirsty work 😉

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