5 January 2011

One of my newer clients returned the other day, an older gentleman I enjoy a lot. He’s very sweet.

We began with him naked, in slave position when I entered the dungeon. Ordering slave to crawl over to me, I instructed him to lick my boots all the while reminding him just how filthy they were. Chuckling at the excited whimpers I heard from slave I ordered him to stand and bound his cock and balls tightly. I told slave he was going to be flogged and pointed to the array I had laid out. I instructed slave to select three to have used on him. When he returned to me, with two very light ones – he was reprimanded and sent back to choose again tsk.

Laying them aside, I placed a blindfold over his eyes. Attaching cuffs to his wrists I bound him to the post. Teasing his cock and his nipples, I attached weights to the balls and clamps to his nipples. Intermittently tugging on both, I began to flog slave. Starting lightly and building as he can take a fair bit across his back, not so much on the bottom – which is of course why he is also disciplined there with some spanking and the strap also 😉

Adding weights to the clamps, I teased his nipples further till he was squirming before me. Removing the weights from his balls, I unbound his wrists lowering his arms. Instructing slave onto a towel on his back, he sat tentatively on the floor still blindfolded before laying back. I proceeded to tease his cock, instructing him to beg to be allowed release. Keeping him on the edge I denied him till I was satisfied he had been tormented enough, and allowed him mercy 😉

Also a gentleman new to me but not the dungeon, a regular for some years now. Always interesting and challenging changing Mistresses after that length of time – for both the client and the new Mistress. He had previously sent me an email detailing some of his likes/dislikes and we had a chat before we began agreeing this session was more a chance to get to know each other.

Again, I started with slave naked when I entered the dungeon and what a vision he was. Very nice splayed on all fours before me. Running my hands over his flesh, I took the collar I had in hand and instructed him to kneel up so I could affix it to his neck. Instructing him back onto all fours, I got the anal hook I had brought down with me. Slipping on some gloves, I lubed his ass before taking the hook covered with a condom and nudged it inside his tight hole. Once inserted, I tied it off tightly to the collar, knowing every movement by slave would be felt inside his arse.

Ordering he stand, I tied his cock and balls as well as affixing cuffs to him. Pushing him back suddenly, he found himself back to the wall and quickly bound. Chuckling, I teased his already hard cock slapping it gently from time to time, pulling on his balls. My tongue and teeth teasing what turned out to be very sensitive nipples. I also discovered slave had a very sensitive tip to his cock, all the better to torment him with and I did laughing as he danced before me unable to writhe away or hide himself.

Taking pity on him, I turned my attention to his nipples clamping them first. Using various toys I focussed on sensitising them even further seeing if he would dance again for me 😉 Building in intensity, from light scrapes to singeing them. Teasing him with the tip of my knife. Finishing with his nipples were both pierced and clamped, my hand tugging on the chain as I played with his cock keeping him just on the verge of losing control.

Pressing myself against slave, I increased the tension of my pull on the chain as my other hand teased him relentlessly. I instructed slave that when he felt he could no longer control himself he was to beg for release. I also said I wanted to see just how far he could ejaculate after that amount of buildup and teasing. Pinning him against the wall as he writhed against my touch, laughing at his attempts at begging, denying him… I allowed him release, laughing with delight when I saw just how far/hard he did cum.

Slave enjoyed our opportunity to get to know each other, as did I. Both looking forward to next time … 😉

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