26 October 2012

So what have I been up to? hmmm….

One gentleman I had fun with is very much into feeling submissive and loves having his nipples played. I began with slave kneeling as I entered the room, ordering him to stand I blindfolded him before attaching cuffs to each wrist. I secured his restraints to the wall before turning my attention to his cock and balls, tying them tightly. Attaching some weights to his balls, and placing some headphones over his ears so he couldnt hear or see me… I focussed on those nipples of his.

Teasing him with my tongue, biting as the nipples hardened. Pressing him hard against the wall with my body as he moaned, I took some clamps and attached them to each nipple. Tugging and pulling, I flicked his nipples with my nails before taking some more weights and attaching them to each clamped nipple. Swinging and dropping the weights, watching slave’s face as they tugged against his tender nipples.

Moving slave to the floor I continued to torment him. Ordering him to open his mouth I stood above him, filling his mouth with my piss. Satisfied I watched as he swallowed it all, not missing a drop. Sitting on his face, smothering him between my thighs I teased his cock and balls, slapping and stroking with my hands in between tugging on the chain to those clamped nipples. Abrading them further with various implements, mindful of not marking slave I managed to sensitise them till slave was gasping and moaning loudly below me at each touch.

Amused, I told slave to stand and positioned him before the sling. Instructing him into the sling, I bound him hand and feet. The weighted clamps I tied to the sling chains, every rock or tug from me sending shivers straight to his hard cock. Telling slave how much I was looking forward to making use of that arse of his, I affixed a small dildo to my strap on. Relaxing his arse with my lubed fingers, I slid them in and out before replacing them with my cock. Still tight, I slowly pushed my cock inside slave thrusting slowly until i felt him buck back against me.

Building up the pace until I was fucking slave hard, thrusting against him as he swung back and forth his arse wide and exposed, my other hand curled around the chain to the clamps, adding to the tension slave was already feeling in those tenderised nipples. Deciding his arse was relaxed enough from the strap on, I smirked as I got out the electro box and the anal plug.

Lubing up the plug I slipped it gently inside slave’s arse, even for that horny ass of his it was still a stretch – pardon the pun Turning on the unit until I could hear slave moaning again, his arse visibly pulsing before me I toyed with the settings. Laughing as I heard him groan, turning it up a little each time until I was satisfied that slave couldnt take any more.

Again turning my attention to his cock, I decided that slave was just about spent. Teasing him with the Hitachi, chuckling as I realised with both blindfold and headphones on slave had no idea whether he was allowed or even desired to cum. Laughing as his excitement built along with his predicament, I waited to hear him beg for release. And it came… just as I ripped the clamps off his nipples 😉

A couple of fun sessions also with a gentleman who likes it short and nasty, we do a half hour intense session with sensory dep and mummification. Throw a bit of electro into the mix and its explosive 😉

A raunchy roleplay with another sexy slut who turned up at the dungeon door wearing lipstick  and a plug in that tight arse of his. Ordering him inside, I made him strip to find he also had some nice stockings underneath. Luckily for him they helped keep the plug in as he made the walk to the door 😉

Removing the plug (I had other plans for that arse) I tied his cock and balls, teasing him relentlessly till he exploded. Moving him towards the bench I restrained him face up and placed his legs in the stirrups. I played with his spent cock a bit, teasing him with the hitachi and some sounds. Not forgetting that arse of his, I slid a finger inside slowly working a few more as i fucked him with them.

Feeling his arse relax around my fingers, I smirked to myself. Slut had not noticed the object in the corner of the dungeon when he arrived. Uncovering it, I moved the fucking machine between his legs. I had put a somewhat smaller plug on the machine than he arrived with. He would thank me later 😉

Positioning the dildo I turned the machine on watching the plug slowly slide in and out of slut’s hole. Adjusting the speed, I cranked it up a bit, but not too much as I planned on him being there a while. It does get quite intense, as he found out. Chuckling at slut bucking and writhing, pinned in position as his arse was violated over and over relentlessly I moved to squat over his face. Ordering him to open his mouth, I delivered a golden shower for slut to drink.

Moving back down between slut’s legs I played with his cock again, knowing just how his arse would tighten around the machine as i did. Finally he had enough, taking pity on him I removed the equipment and focussed on his cock. My attentions were rewarded with another orgasm after which slut was released and despatched to the shower.

Another slut, I began with on all fours before me. Teasing his arse a little with my fingers, I lubed up my electro butt plug. Gently I slid it inside slave’s arse chuckling as he moaned. I ordered slave to stand and proceeded to mummify him. Clear pallet wrap, both that and the black are sexy in different ways. Once slave was wrapped I lowered him to the ground. Teasing his nipples in between with various toys, I inserted the electro urethral probe as well. I turned it on adjusting the levels until I had slave squirming and moaning before me, his cock and arse visibly pulsing with the electricity.

Positioning myself above him, I smothered his face between my legs as I played with the controls for the electro – adjusting both the arse and the cock ones until slave was bucking beneath me. Pinching his clamped nipples further, tugging, I removed the blindfold ordering him to keep his eyes closed. Replacing it instead with the gasmask.

Playing with his breath, I removed the urethral probe leaving the butt plug in place pulsing inside his arse. Turning the dial up, I focussed on slave’s cock and balls, teasing them, dragging my nails over his skin, working him up until he was rock hard. Again turning up the electro till he was on the edge of mercy, I pumped his cock with my hand ordering him to cum. Which, of course he did. Explosively. I laughed, responding that I took it he had enjoyed himself 

Had a lot of fun with some CBT also, cock caning to be specific. Not something I get lots of requests for due to marks. Or maybe the pain lol I began the session with slave blindfolded and cuffed to the winch, his cock and balls tied. Delivering some discipline to his arse, I then turned my attention to his cock. At least I warmed it up a bit before I got the cane. He did very well as I deliberately pushed him to the edge with a few strokes. He would have had a nicely bruised cock.

Moving him onto the bench, I restrained him on his back and entertained myself with some electro, a golden shower and some light anal teasing before deciding the sling would be more appropriate. Repositioning slave I went to work on his arse, slowly working my fingers inside him one at a time, stretching him out to eventually slide my fist inside. Removing it, I continued to torment slave playing with his cock and his arse before once again sliding my fist inside and slowly fucking him with it. When slut had enough I intended to allow him release, he had pleased me with what he had taken… but the Universe wasnt having that. Unfortunately the poor slut got the worse leg cramp, which very much put a cramp on things as it took a while to subside. Ah well, the journey was more than satisfying and there is always next time 😉

An amusing afternoon was spent with a sensory dep/mummification session. Both of which I love. Once I had slave pallet wrapped from head to toe, each limb wrapped independently, I placed the gasmask on him. Over which went the headphones and blindfold. Satisfied I positioned him on the bench and tied him down securely.

Exposing his genitals and nipples, I cupped my hand over the hose to the gasmask controlling his breath. Feeling him relax, I started to tease him gently in between bouts of nothing. A suede flogger trailed over exposed flesh, vampire gloves, pegs, only a few things at my disposal 

Interspersing the teasing with breathplay, I had slave moaning and writhing against his bonds. When I had enough, I released him and repositioned him to a chair against the pole in the dungeon. I wrapped him tightly against it and removed the headphones, gasmask and blindfold.

I put the blindfold back over slaves eyes before taking the headbox and affixed it to him. Positioning it, I clicked the lock shut. Leaving only a gaping hole where slave’s mouth was. Picking up a dildo, I slid it into the hole at first feeling some resistance as I began fucking that hole hard with the dildo. Ignoring the gagging noises, I teased his cock and persevered until the dildo was easily lodged the full length down slave’s throat. With no sound of gagging as slave gave himself over to me.

Deciding slave had been well used I began to release him from the pallet wrap and headbox. He was suitably spaced when he emerged finally to be sent off to the shower. I know i certainly did.

Another gentleman I slipped a blindfold over his eyes, clamped his nipples and tied his cock with some weights attached, before teasing both with a vibrator and the pinwheel. His cock nice and hard, who could resist a few well placed slaps causing the weights to swing.

Instructing him onto all fours, I lubed up a gloved hand and slid a finger then two inside his tight ass. Slowly teasing him, getting him prepared to take the electro plug for my erostek electro unit. Slave pleased me taking the plug without too much effort at all. I removed the blindfold and positioned him on the bench before strapping him down, restraining his arms, legs and chest.

I placed the gasmask on him and removed the clamps from his nipples replacing them with pegs. I slipped two electro bands around his hard cock and attached the lead to the box, turning both those and the anal plug on to an erotic setting. Watching slave moan, I adjusted the setting till I was satisfied he was being pushed just that bit.

Turning my attention to the mask, I cupped the hose controlling the airflow reaching slave. Always one to up the ante, I fixed a blindfold over the mask also. Toying with the electro I played with the settings and his responses, teasing his cock in between until he was almost spent. I took mercy on him and removed the electro, freeing his legs so I could get more easily to his ass.

Lubing up a reasonable sized dildo, I slid it gradually inside his ass slowly fucking him with it as my other hand played with his cock. Hearing his moans under the mask I chuckled, the dildo sliding the whole way in. Holding it deep inside, I pressed the hitachi vibrator against it. Feeling slave thrusting against the dildo and my hand I ordered him to release, which he gratefully did. All over himself.

Restraints removed, mask peeled back, all slave could say was “wow”. I allowed him a few moments composure before sending him to clean up.

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