26 February 2011

Had a most relaxing week off to recharge the batteries, much time spent instead meditating and working on that all-over tan 😉

Yesterday however I did get back into it with a client I havent seen for a very long time. I used to see him frequently back when I first started out. Since then he had also become a regular visitor to the current premises. It was a lot of fun reacquainting myself with him – and using the slut in a way I hadnt before, with Master Damion also adding his presence to the dynamic.

It was a very erotic session, lots of physical domination forcing the slut into position, his hands wrenched high behind his back so they could be bound. A blindfold placed over his eyes, before he was pushed onto his knees. Before the slut knew it, he was gagging on Master Damions cock as it was forcefully thrust deep down his throat. I teased the slut’s cock just to make his task a little more challenging, distracting his focus somewhat.

Slut was positioned on his back, arms cuffed and legs secured with a spreader bar before I straddled his face. Legs smothering him while Master Damion teased his hard cock. Occasionally reaching down to pinch his nostrils shut, causing slut to writhe beneath me desperate for air.

Deciding to swap places, Master Damion made further use of slut’s mouth driving his hard cock deep down the sluts hungry throat. Chuckling at the gagging and choking sounds, I moved behind Master Damion and lifted the slut’s legs – still attached to the spreader bar. While Master Damion had been amusing himself, I had been slipping into something more comfortable – my strap on harness 😉

Lifting his legs high, opening his arse to my use I lubed the dildo in my harness as well as the slut’s tight arse. Teasing him gently at first with a finger, working him up, getting him hungry from more… I then slid the dildo inside his arse and began fucking him rhythmically with the cock being shoved down his throat. Nothing like a well pinned slut 😉

Deciding to move slut we repositioned him in the sling, his head back to accommodate that cock down his throat while I got onto the sling sliding between his legs to continue fucking that arse with my own cock. Nowhere near as impressive in size as Master Damion’s but nonethess it did the trick, a rock hard cock always a dead giveaway 😉

Changing positions, I moved up near sluts face, smothering him with my breasts, whispering in his ear all the delicious things he might be rewarded with for pleasing us … as Master Damion brought the slut closer to the edge until, without warning he exploded unable to further contain himself ! Tsk. No rewards for that !

Even so, a great time had by all. And the slut will just need more training…  😉

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