24 January 2012

May I say first of all how good it is to be back on the bike, first time yesterday for a few weeks. It will make getting to Uni tonight a whole lot easier, something I am very much looking forward to. Both uni and things being easier πŸ™‚

Some fun sessions the past week starting with a visit from a regular I havent seen for a while. On opening the door, he was ordered not to speak, to enter the dungeon, strip and get into slave position on the floor. Chastised for his unclean state he was sent to the shower.

On Β his return slave was blindfolded, his cock tied, before he was verballed about cancelling his appointment last week. A bit of spitting and face slapping prompting his answers, which at one point had both of us laughing. His reason was amusing to say the least, however it didnt save him from being disciplined and reminded who owns him.

Cuffed against the pole, he was soundly spanked and strapped before being ordered onto all fours. Lubricating my strap on with his mouth, I fucked his face hard. A little too hard, as slave indicated the need for a bucket. All the more reason to discipline him, eating before being used by Mistress? Really.

Turning my focus to the other end, I slid my strap on into that tight arse of his and fucked him just as hard as I had his mouth. The slut was soon writhing on the floor begging to cum, smothering his face between my legs I ordered him to do Β so allowing him release. It was so tempting not to…

A hot session with another fun slut. Gasmask on, blindfold as well, cock tied, and cuffed to the winch. His arse thrust out for discipline. Releasing him he was ordered to the floor so I could tease him with a new toy we acquired in the dungeon. Ooops. Slut was unable to contain his orgasm, having been anticipating the fun all day he lost control. Regardless we continued on, unfortunately he was unable to cross the line again disappointing me at the end. I am sure next time I see him he wont be as excitable and better able to serve his Mistress πŸ˜‰

Lots of fun also with a new slut. His cock tied, blindfold on, and nipples (nastily) clamped he was restrained face down on the bench. Just to make sure he felt those clamps just that bit more πŸ˜‰ His arse nicely exposed and ready for some discipline, he received a sound spanking before I moved onto the strap, paddles, birches and the cane. In between teasing his cock, attaching the electro cock rings just for that added sensation.

Tying his balls to the bench, I teased him further with the Hitachi as I spanked his well reddened arse until he begged for release. Which of course I allowed being pleased with what he had taken. I am very much looking forward to future encounters and exploring many of the other things the slut enjoys.

Great amusement at the expense of another regular, who unexpectedly had a flat tyre necessitating a much later start than anticipated. I dont like being kept waiting πŸ™‚ The slut was blindfolded, his cock tied tightly as I teased his nipples and his cock both. Restraining him face down on the bench, he was delivered a very sound spanking before I switched to the strap. When I was satisfied he had been disciplined enough, I moved him to the sling and fucked that arse of his till he came. I figured he deserved some tension relief after the night he had πŸ˜‰

Finally another new client stopped by, more into the fun than the Mistress/slave dynamic. Starting with him blindfolded, I cuffed him to the headboard and tied his cock tightly. Clamping his nipples, I proceeded to flog his chest. Lightly at first. Β Satisfied with the shade of pink he was turning, I released him and repositioned him over the horse for some more discipline. Spanking his arse before moving on to the strap, birch, cane. Giggling as he wriggled and wiggled that bottom.

Putting him on all fours on the floor, I gave the slut his first arse fucking. He did quite well as I slammed my cock into his arse. Finally he was allowed to cum before being sent off to the shower. I look forward to catching up next time he is in town πŸ™‚

More fun yesterday, but I shall write about that later… πŸ˜‰ For those at a loose end on Australia Day, I will be in the dungeon if you feel like some fun.

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