2 May 2011

So where was I?…

Finally, the opportunity to catch up on my blog with some of the fun I have been having in the dungeon the past few weeks.

One of my regulars recently new to switching came back for another session, eager to learn more. Like the time before we had a lot of fun, even if the session did take an unexpected turn. Like the previous session, he wanted to begin with me as the submissive/bottom and him in control. He began again by doing some discipline on me. His placement and strokes were technically good, but his timing was amiss even though he mixed it up very nicely with some erotic teasing that had me melting for a change ๐Ÿ˜‰

It occurred to me mid-play that discipline was something I hadnt done on him before, his experience all from private play. On mentioning this to him, the response I received was “And nor will you after this Mistress!” I had to laugh. Thats what he thought. When it came time to switch, unlike last time the cheeky slut was cuffed to the sling rather than in it. Some verbal banter setting the mode for what he was about to receive, I went about showing him how discipline (done nicely) was meant to feel. Warming someone up, mixing the play, not only placing the strokes but timing them. Allowing the bottom to absorb those delicious sensations, watching them sink deeper into a headspace.

He did well, so well he was rewarded with being finally allowed into the sling. Just as well, I doubt his legs could have taken much more having turned to jelly lol. No matter, it was time to give that arse of his a good workout with my fist. In no time he was bucking and writhing against my hand until all I was left with was a spent puddle of slut before me. I laughed when he assured me he couldnt stand and gave him time to recover before packing him off to the shower to get his head together.

As it turns out, he is back tomorrow. Wanting to repeat some things, and also try something new. On me. This will be interesting ๐Ÿ˜‰

Another of my favourite anal sluts dropped in for an extended session also. He is always a pleasure to torment. This time we focussed a lot on the fisting, getting both in as well as some rather large toys. We also had fun with some sounds and needles for something different.

A gentleman I have chatted to before but had not yet met, stopped in for an extended session. I do enjoy how much more one can ‘accomplish’ with more time. Even that seems to go too quickly when you are having fun. ย And he was, cheeky and very responsive. Especially to the electro. Once mummified, what better way to warm up that arse of his for some light teasing. Finally allowing him release of another sort ๐Ÿ˜‰

I had the pleasure of catching up with a former client I havent seen for a long time. A down to earth, easy going gentleman who comes in for a few hours relaxed fun. Most of his session is anal teasing, slowly working up from a finger to a fist and larger toys. This time however, as it had been a while between sessions we went easier on the anal. Instead I introduced him to sounds. And didnt he love them lol. Especially as I slid it in and out of his cock, chuckling to myself as his moans got louder, followed by “oh fuck oh fuck” ๐Ÿ˜‰

He came in again recently, this time not only did we do sounds again (he definitely enjoyed them) but I also introduced him to the delights of electro play. Focussing more on the sensual than the torture aspect, this gentleman is not into pain. Again, he went off. Loving every moment. At one point, he startled us both shooting the probe and the plug from his cock and arse he came so hard lol. On regaining his legs after the sling, his only comment was “fuck that was intense”.

Another gentleman who was very response was a new client, who came in for a strap on session. He was a sexy little slut, all coy to begin with as I began to ravage him. Coaxing out his inner slut as I progressively fucked him with larger dildos. Forcing them down his throat, laughing as he took the whole length. Ending with him restrained, on all fours being fucked from behind until he came. ย Whilst not a frequent dabbler, I suspect I shall see him again when he next needs a fix.

A definitely highlight was a visit to the dungeon for the first time by a long standing interstate client of mine. He doesnt come up very often but when he does we tend to do ‘marathon’ session, by that I mean around the 5-6 hours. Usually he allows me the latitude to decide on content and over the years we have had loads of fun with various scenarios. This time I had all the best intentions, and the equipment to match but somehow we got sidetracked into what became a very hot anal session. We did start with mummification and discipline, but then I somehow got lost in his arse. Pardon the expression ๐Ÿ˜› ย As I said, who knows where the time goes..

Another new client that came in for a fisting was also a lot of fun, I certainly seem to attract the anal lovers. I suspect its my hands as much as my manner ๐Ÿ˜‰ Another such slut, a favorite also that I havent seen for ages stopped by. Finally back from holidays. I do so love to torment him, especially those nipples of his. So sensitive, so easy to get him where I want him. At my mercy ๐Ÿ˜‰ His arse also got a good workout with multiple anal orgasms, before we finished with some needles through the nipples to push him over that edge. ย Ah how I have missed him.

Also a visit from someone I have missed over the past 12 months. We have some fun sessions, very horny and erotic. This was no different with me taking my pleasure from slave, using him as I saw fit. Another amazing session yet he continues to resist my lure. I can be very patient ๐Ÿ˜‰ lol

Again, someone I havent seen for a while and was actually thinking of the other week made a booking. His session mummification, with a nice warm up to his bottom, lots of discipline up to the cane… which he mercied on this time. Well, it has been a while. Turning him over, I finished him off with some electro and anal tease. He certainly does love the electro too, taking it quite high. I do love hearing him moan knowing he cant move at all, pushing him till he explodes over himself.

Outside of the dungeon, life has been cruising along with the new housemate settling in well. The new energy around the place is refreshing and has inspired new found domesticity in me. I have been enjoying learning how to ย make fresh bread for one. Sure the machine does all the hard work, but its still a tad tricky to get it right the first few times. Now I just have to make sure I dont overindulge, I have a wardrobe of fetish to fit into. Planning on getting back into yoga so that will help a little lol

I went away over Easter to visit a girlfriend and her family down south. I didnt take the motorbike this time but the train, so easy ! I dont plan to allow so much time to elapse between visits. Its a beautiful spot where they are, so relaxing and as always great to catch up with her.

Recently I also enrolled in Spanish classes, at Uni 2 nights a week, starting the end of this month. Very much looking forward to that. It will mean that Monday and Thursday evenings in June, between 6-9pm I shall be unavailable for sessions. I can however pop into the dungeon for some fun afterwards ๐Ÿ˜‰

And I am considering re-enrolling in African drumming, not only a good upper body workout for taking those norti boys to task but also quite meditative and loads of fun. Have to decide on that this week.

Anyway, time for bed. Morning booking.


  1. “… multiple anal orgasms”. Well someone’s a very lucky boy. That sounds amazing.

    And such a hot blog.

    sev xx

  2. “… multiple anal orgasms”. Well someone’s a very lucky boy. That sounds amazing.

    And such a hot blog.

    sev xx

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