19 September 2011

The past week afforded an opportunity to catch up with one of my regs over the past few years. And also the opportunity to have some fun with Mistress K again. I should mention, its not Mistress Kruel – I realised after my last post some may confuse the two 😉

We began blindfolding, gagging and tying the slut‘s cock and balls before restraining him spread eagle to the bench. Placing headphones over his ears, music turned up I made sure he also couldnt hear. Mistress K and I took turns, alternately teasing the slut’s cock and nipples. Some firm nipple clamps added to the fun helping to keep him on the edge until we had taken our pleasure from him. Finally we allowed him to cum, laughing as he exploded over himself.

Another fun session with a gentleman I havent seen before. His session mostly anal play with some erotic tease, being treated like a dirty little slut. By no means a size queen, nonetheless this gentleman enjoyed being fucked hard with the strap on until he was finally allowed release. I am looking forward to his next visit 😉

A horny session with the gentleman who dropped in for a double earlier in the week, seems he cant get enough 😉 This time I asked him to trust me and we experimented with a few different things. Like restraining him to the bench and some electro play, a small plug in his arse and some rings around his cock to relax him for the fucking he was about to receive. Finally when allowed to cum, he was instructed to lick my hand clean. A glimmer of amusement as he hesitated, an assurance my cock wasnt being removed from his arse till he did… and he complied 😉 Another first for the slut. Wonder what might be next….

I also had the pleasure of meeting a delightful slut named Janis, impressed as she twirled for my inspection on arrival. She had her nails and makeup professionally done that afternoon, and with a lithe figure was a sexy sight in her stockings and mini skirt. For all her slutty appearance, she was disappointing at sucking cock. Something I told her we shall have to work on, I do love a gagging drooling slut on the end of my strap on.

Luckily for her, she proved of more use tied to the bench, legs spread. Again, not a size queen – another thing to work on, she did take a few of my cocks. I laughed watching her buttocks start to hump and thrust against the cock fucking her tight hole. Thats the kinda slut I like. She also seemed to respond well to the electro stim she received, taking quite a bit. When I was satisfied, the slut was finally allowed some pleasure of her own as she came over herself. I do look forward to our next encounter. And perhaps some training in between for the slut at home 😉

Not at all least, some fun tie and tease sessions with Master Damion and a couple of horny well used sluts. Double the intensity, double the fun.

Very much looking forward tomorrow to catching up with one of my overseas clients, its been a while between visits 🙂

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