18 April 2013

Apologies to all, for my very slack approach to blogging of late.

I have simply been too busy both in the dungeon and outside of it, and as time has passed things are not so straight in my head ๐Ÿ˜‰

I shall endeavour moving forward to be more disciplined in my approach lol. Having said that, I have had a lot of fun with some wonderful sluts. ย Some new and some regular visitors. Missed a few I had hoped to see over Easter due to changes of ย plans but you get that, hopefully next time. Have also had some hawt and horny doubles with Master Damion. And a few just as horny switch sessions.

Outside of the dungeon I have been keeping busy with a variety of stuff, including getting out more on the motorbike for group rides. The Black Dog day was a huge success nationally for lifeline which is awesome, Sydney had 450 bikes participate. It was also extremely tiring, especially with the heat.

Tonight was a fun session with a long time regular. A gentleman i enjoy seeing, this time I had his cock and balls tied, a blindfold on, and the slut positioned on all fours restrained to the doggy bench. Easy access to his nipples, cock and arse. All of which received my attentions until the slut was ordered to cum.

I love my ‘job’ ๐Ÿ˜‰

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